August 4, 2020

La Toya Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Rhinoplasty, Chin Implants, Breast Implants and More


Check La Toya Jackson plastic surgery before and after photos below! La Toya Jackson, born May 29, 1956, fifth child of the Jackson family, the famous song writer and business women with net worth of about $4 million. La Toya Jackson used to be a sweet pretty girl but unfortunately the plastic surgery ruined her. She has taken plastic surgery procedures including rhinoplasty, breast implants, chin Implants, cheek Implants, lip injections, liposuction on stomach, facial fillers and more. Now it seems she has similar facial featured as her late younger brother with overdone plastic surgery procedures, her face looks so unnaturally tight, strange nose job and uneven cheekbones. La Toya Jackson’s plastic surgery has become one of the worst plastic surgery procedures ever unfortunately.

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La Toya Jackson talked about her late younger brother Michael’s obsession with plastic surgery and said the obsession came from cruelty of their father Joe to Jackson family. “Michael had theoperations to remove all resemblance to his parent”, La Toya said, and she also followed steps of her late brother, just check below

La Toya Jackson Rhinoplasty

La Toya Jackson’s rhinoplasty was overdone and has gone to extreme. She used to have big nose with wide bridge and round nose tip. After rhinoplasty, her nose seems unnaturally shaper and thinner. Her nose job has been overdone that her nose shape seems like a fake nose like a joker. It’s reported she was not satisfied with her nose surgery but has no other way to solve it.

“She has definitely had her nose done many times, probably has a chin implant, breast implants and has probably had multiple liposuctions.  In my opinion, her surgery is completely overdone and does not look natural at all.” – Dr. Wigoda

Even she had bigger nose, she looked so beautiful and natural with sweet smile. It’s unfortunate that she has so shape unnatural nose now. It totally ruined her face.

La Toya Jackson plastic surgery – chin implants and cheek implants

La Toya Jackson has had chin implants and cheek surgery which looks similar as Michael Jackson. She used to have round chin and now her chin seems to be reshaped but overdone.

La Toya Jackson plastic surgery – Breast Implants

La Toya Jackson’s breast size was about A cup but after the plastic surgery, her breast size seems to have increased to C cup. Lay Yoga was also reported to have taken liposuction on her stomach. Both of the breast implants and liposuction made her into a curvy women and it seems she was quite confident about the results.

La Toya Jackson plastic surgery – lip augmentation

La Toya Jackson was also rumored to have done lip augmentation by plastic surgeons.

” It seems like La Toya uses some sorts of fillers on her lips like Restylane or Colagen because her lips appear bulbous and chubby and they are bigger in stature than other parts of her face. This is a thing which cannot be achieved without the help of plastic surgery so; we can say that she is a cosmetic girl.” Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif

La Toya Jackson and Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery are quite similar, especially their nose shape seems to be alike.