August 4, 2020

Lacey Wildd (Paula Simonds) QQQ Cup Breasts and Her Breast Implants Before and After Photos!


Lacey Wildd (Paula Simonds), 45 years old, was the former showgirl, now more famous for her extreme plastic surgery: the MMM size breast implants, which will soon turn her breasts’ size into QQQ cup! She did her first boob job more than 20 years and then became addicted to it, during the 20 years, she has more than 10 breast implants procedures done as well as an “internal bra” plastic surgery to enable her skin large enough to contain them. Plastic Surgery Cost

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Do you want to see Lacey Wildd (Paula Simonds)’s photos before breast implants? Luckily we have found some photos that you can see Lacey Wildd with natural breasts and sweet smile! She was a quite pretty girl with blond hair. Her breast size was just about A cup but they are natural and pretty.

Lacey Wildd breast implants before and after photos

Lacey Wildd’s breast implants were pricy. It’s reported that she has spent $250,000 just on enhancing her breasts. With $23,000 donations from social media, Lacey Wildd is ready to take new breast implants procedures which would make her breasts weigh 42 pounds! She wore a surgically-implanted pigskin bra to support her breasts.

“You know what’s hilarious? I lose stuff in [my cleavage],””I had to go and buy the big phone because I would lose my other phone constantly inside there.” – Lacey Wildd

Why Lacey Wildd risks and suffers to take extreme breast implants? Lacey Wildd said this was not about fame and she just wanted to support her 6 children.

“My goal was never to be famous. My goal was to be able to take care of them, to be able to support them,” “I want to provide for my kids and pay for a college education, so they have opportunities I didn’t have,” she said.

But it seems this is not the true reason because Lacey Wildd once suggested her children to have bigger picture and her bigger breasts would bring fame and earnings considerably.

 “If I have triple M implants it will take me into the top five big breasted models in the world,” “There is a top five and then everybody else is below that. It will increase my fame and earning power considerably.”

Lacey Wildd’s children don’t think so, in fact they worry about their mom very much because such extreme breast implants would bring many side effects such as back pain, infection and tearing and might threaten her life.

“I think she isn’t really thinking about our opinions. What if she dies? Is she taking that into consideration?” –  Tori, Lacey Wildd’s daughter

Lacey Wildd plastic surgery before and after photos: lip injections, tummy tucks, butt implants

Lacey Wildd also took silcone implants on her lips as well as tummy tucks, butt implants. You can clearly see her lips became much fuller and fake after the lip injections.

Lacey wildd and justin jedlica

Media likes to compare Lacey Wildd with justin jedlica as they have quite a lot in common with their obsession with plastic surgery. Justin Jedlica, this 32 year old man took more than 90 plastic surgery procedures, which cost him higher than $100,000 to become the  “human Ken doll.”, now it comes out that justin jedlica not only becomes the human Ken doll, but also faces “life-threatening” because of too much implanted silicone injected.

Maybe this is not the fault of Lacey and Justin, they need help. How should the society help them stop doing such crazy plastic surgery?

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