January 20, 2021

Leading Gap Insurance specialist http://www.car2cover.co.uk announce re-launch of popular cosmetic insurance product for the UK motorist.

Hertfordshire (PRWEB UK) 31 August 2013

Leading online Gap Insurance specialists ‘car2cover’ have confirmed the re-launch of their cosmetic insurance product often referred to in the industry as ‘SMART Insurance.’ The product is being marketed with a more descriptive title called ‘Scratch, Dent and Alloy Wheel Insurance’ and is being re-launched from 1st September 2013.

This revitalized product provides financial protection and a high quality repair service backed by a three year guarantee for small cosmetic damage including stone chips, small dents, scratches and scuffs that vehicles inevitably suffer. Cover is also extended to alloy wheels too.

Elaine Scott, Partner of the business click2protect who own the website http://www.car2cover.co.uk, said, “We are pleased to be re-launching our Scratch, Dent and Alloy Wheel cover which is becoming increasingly popular with car and van drivers throughout the UK. Customers are becoming increasingly accepting of the fact their vehicle will inevitably pick up small areas of cosmetic damage in every day use and this can have a negative impact on the vehicle’s appearance and value.”

This supplementary insurance allows motorists to make up to 3 claims per year, up to an aggregate total of £3,000.00 to keep their vehicle in showroom condition. Because cover is not linked to the motor insurance policy, making a claim does not affect No Claims Bonus or motor insurance renewal premiums.

“A vast number of motorists are now taking advantage of ‘PCP’ or ‘Contract Hire’ finance arrangements and under these agreements the vehicle must be returned to the lender or leasing company in an acceptably good condition. When vehicles are returned under these agreements with scratches, dents, excessive chips and scuffed alloy wheels – the lender or leasing company will charge the customer the cost of repairs usually at franchised dealer retail rate and this can be many hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds. Our Scratch, Dent and Alloy Wheel cover will enable customers to have those small cosmetic repairs carried out as they occur and avoid any charges or indeed part exchange value reduction,” assures Scott.

No matter how careful you drive or how well you care for your car, others are not quite so thoughtful and in most cases those car park ‘dints’ and scratches are caused by carelessness of others. This product is expected to be in high demand as we see thousands of customers collecting their new ‘63’ plate car during September.

http://www.car2cover.co.uk provide a wide range of market leading Gap, Tyre, Scratch, Dent & Alloy Wheel insurance with a range of additional supplementary insurances being introduced in the second half of 2013.

For more information about car2cover or their range of Gap Insurance and Tyre Insurance products, call 01438 728959 or email mail(at)car2cover(dot)co.uk.