February 28, 2021

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Liquid facelift and Breast Implant and Lip Implant!

Check “Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery before and after” below. Lindsay Lohan has done plastic surgeries including breast implants and facial. Can you imagine this floundering star is only 26 years old!

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery is one of worst plastic surgeries in the world before she looks so old now! 

lindsay lohan plastic surgery after 3

Lindsay Lohan liquid facelift and lip injection before and after photos

Plastic surgeons confirmed Lindsay Lohan has had fillers injected into her lips and cheeks. Some said she has used the latest plastic surgery technique called “liquid facelift.” which combines botox with fillers to redefine the face. This technique allows little or no cutting. But it seems she has done too much of liquid facelift!

She got balled up socks surgically implanted in her cheeks; ; the skin between her eyelid and her eyebrows has been filled with pieces cut out from a Dr. Scholl’s high heel pad; and her forehead’s been shellacked with a mixture of cement and that gel wax manicure stuff you can get at the nail salon.

Compare with the photos in 2003 and 2009, you will see her face fuller and her lip becomes overly plumped than before because she’s got a handful of gummy worms sewn into her top and bottom lips.

lindsay-lohan-plastic-surgery-before and after

lindsay-lohan-lip injection before and after

Lindsay Lohan breast implants before and after

Though Lohan said “ridiculous and totally untrue” and her family said her already had gorgeous body. The truth is: Lindsay Lohan has done plastic surgery and it’s very clear. If you compare the “before and after” photos. You will see Lindsay Lohan’s breast becomes much larger and too round to be true. You can even see the “breast implants scar”.

lindsay-lohan-breast-implants before and after

lindsay-lohan-boob job

The one part she not under the knife is her nose. Poor Lindsay, where’s your natural beauty? She looks twice as her age now!