January 16, 2021

Louise Mensch Plastic Surgery: Facelift Before and After Photos

Check “Louise Mensch Plastic Surgery before and after photo” below. Louise Mensch, Former Conservative MP finally admitted having done plastic surgery as facelift while she was an MP.

 ” Mrs Mensch said: “I had a little tightening in my face and I remember being asked about it by the Guardian – asked if I’d had a facelift because she saw a scar under my chin”- Louise Mensch told bbc news

Before it, Louise Mensch refused to admit she had taken plastic surgery and later she explained that because of  “trivialisation of women politicians based on their appearance”, but now as she is not going to be the political women, now she opens up and admitted her facelift.

“Maintenance, I like the way that I look, I prefer to keep it that way.” – Louise Mensch explained the reason why she took the plastic surgery

You can see her picture that she nearly didn’t change around 9 years! And her wrinkles seems even a little less than in 2003, can you imagine that Louise mensch, 41-year-mother now?

Louise Mensch plastic surgery before and after

(from BBS)

Louise Mensch’ plastic surgeon

Louise Mensch looks so young, she confessed she carefully picked the plastic surgeons because she knows everything about the facelift risks.

“I picked a very qualified surgeon, I was fully aware of the risks and rewards, and it amused me that when the papers ran stories afterwards saying ‘has she had a facelift?’ they ran pictures of me pre-procedure, so obviously you couldn’t tell the difference.”

In fact she is choosing “thebest plastic surgeon in the world” and she is able to do it because she “backed calls for the Government to ensure anyone performing cosmetic procedures is properly licensed.”

“I chose one of the best plastic surgeons in the world and would not let anybody else even close to my face,”

Louise Mensch after Plastic Surgery

Louise Mensch facelift

(from twitter)

Her efforts paid off as the facelift seems so great to let her “feel the best”. The three kids’ mother also said the secrets of keeping youth are  running and lifting weights and lifting weights also helps.

Louise Mensch thatcher

Mrs Menschnow lived in New York with her kids and Peter Mensch, her husband as the manager of rock band Metallica.