January 18, 2021

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Makes Her look Abnormally Young

The Marlo Thomas plastic surgery before and after pictures show what the actress has done to herself by opting to go for the procedures. Marlo Thomas, the very well-known television actress, producer has done quite multiple plastic surgery procedures. Marlo-Thomas-Plastic-Surgery-Before-After 4

Marlo has spent many years within the world of glamor and she must have known how fake tinsel town actually is. One would think that a veteran actress like her would know better than to go for something as ridiculous as plastic surgery without fully realizing that the act can backfire and make her seem unglamorous and uglier than what old age might have done for her. In all honesty, it is better to look naturally old and wrinkly than to look unnaturally young and fake.


Botox and Facelifts

Moving on, critics also believe that Marlo has had several Botox injections and face-lifting procedures carried out on her face. As a result, she has gotten rid of all her wrinkles and her creases but it has left her face looking very tight and unnaturally shiny. In fact, when she has her pictures taken, one can clearly see the Botox liquid reflected off her face as the flash light hits it. Her face now looks artificial, as if the skin is being pulled by someone who is refusing to let it go. Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Makes Her look Abnormally Young

Lip Fillers

Rumors also have it that Marlo have had several lip fillers as well. While that has not been confirmed by anyone and it is not obvious in many of her pictures, there are quite a few before and after pictures that prove that she has had some work done. In these, her lips look a little thinner and their shape appears a bit different than it is now. Did-Marlo-Thomas-Have-a-Bad-Nose-Job-Before-After-that-Girl 2

Nose Job

Marlo’s most obvious plastic surgery has been her nose job and that one has been confirmed by her representatives as well. She has made her nose narrower and smaller in size but unfortunately, instead of looking refined and sophisticated, it looks pinched and unnaturally thin. Her nostrils have been tucked in far too much and she looks as if she must have difficulty breathing in and out.Marlo-Thomas-Plastic-Surgery-Before-After 2


The brow-lifts are the amongst the more obvious changes that she has done with her face and the before and after comparisons show that she has definitely lifted her eyebrows higher onto her face in order to get rid of forehead wrinkles. Although no sources have confirmed that the actress has opted for a brow lift, many critics believe that she has done so. Fortunately, this part of her surgery seems to have gone well and the lifts seem to make her face younger too.Marlo-Thomas-Plastic-Surgery-Before-After 5

It is sad to see that someone so experienced and so active in social activities has fallen victim to vanity and decided to go under the knife to hide their age. Marlo was, undoubtedly, a beautiful woman when she was young and the pictures clearly show that. May be she would have aged into a beautiful woman is she had given her body the chance.