January 20, 2021

Mary Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery

Mary Kate Olsen is one of the most famous actors of Hollywood and has been pursuing an acting career ever since she was very young. She has gained a lot of appreciation on many of her child and adult performances on the big screen. Mary-Kate+Olsen nose jobThe American actress is also producer, author, fashion designer and a businesswoman. She is the twin sister of Ashley & Elizabeth Olsen, both of whom are notable actresses in Hollywood. Mary Kate was first cast in a movie at the ripe age of nine months only and ever since, the starlet has been seen to take on many high end movie roles which have made her film career even more successful.
The Factory Girl fame star is currently twenty-eight years old but when comparing with her older pictures, significant changes on her face can be noticed. In 2007, the pictures surfacing on the internet provide that Mary Kate Olsen had gone through surgical treatments and eventually plastic surgery in order to look fabulous.

Nose Job

The pictures on the Internet were mainly from the red carpet and movie promotion events. Mary Kate Olsen acquired Rhinoplasty, which is actually a nose job. According to many sources, both the Olsen sisters had planned to acquire ‘matching nose jobs’, but it was Mary Kate Olsen who ended up getting it first and eventually revealed the drastic change in her appearance by showing up on the red carpet on several events later on.Mary-Kate+Olsen nose job

The Rhinoplasty was done in 2007 when Mary Kate Olsen consulted Dr. Raj Kanodia, who is an expert celebrity plastic surgeon. The consultation with the doctor only confirmed the fact that Mary Kate Olsen has indeed acquired a nose job. It can be further proven by comparing her old pictures with the new ones as one can clearly point out that her nose now looks a lot more trimmed, thin and polished. At her age back then, getting a nose job might not be what most people want, but that did not stop Mary Kate Olsen from looking even more beautiful than she already is.

Lip Injections

It is also believed that Mary Kate Olsen acquired lip injections before hitting up the Paris Fashion Week some years ago. The pictures from the red carpet show a very stylish Mary Kate Olsen with puffed-up lips that clearly look like they have been injected with something. While her original lips were beautiful, the lip injections have only enhanced them in an appropriate way, which makes them frame her face wonderfully. The fact that her lips remain to look puffy and larger than ever shows that Mary Kate Olsen has continued to acquire lip injections ever since she started in the first place.Mary-Kate+Olsen+lip injections+Plastic+Surgery

The fact that she has had both a nose job and lip injections only made her beauty enhance even more. While a lot of people may not support plastic surgery and lip injections, it can actually transform the life of an individual. Mary Kate Olsen’s nose job is the work of perfection as the nose now stands out much more than before. It is all about consulting the best plastic surgeon for the job. Even with the lip injections and the nose job, the actress looks more youthful and pretty than ever. There have been several rumors about her acquiring more plastic surgery and different cosmetic treatments as well, but they can be ruled out as they have not been fully proven yet by any celebrity gossip source or news. Despite the nose job and consistent lip injections throughout the years, Mary Kate Olsen was and still is one of the most trendy and gorgeous actresses in Hollywood right now.