January 17, 2021

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery: Lip Job, Facelift and Breast Augmentation

Check out Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery before and after photos below!

Meg Ryan has been a soul of the Romantic Comedy since ages. Her most famous role had been in the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally”. Some of her other amazing films include Sleepless in Seattle, French kiss and Kate & Leopold. Her films have grossed over $870 million worldwide.

But since she started aging she started to get more pretty and so there are rumors that she might have gone under the knife. As you grow up your skin can’t become wrinkle free and your lips don’t plump out and your cheeks don’t balloon out either so it’s obvious she has done something.

Following are some surgeries she might have done:

Lip Job:

Her lips look particularly plumper and swollen. They look bigger and so anyone’s first guess could be a lip injection but the stretched out appearance of her face indicates that it’s a permanent one than a temporary which would have given her a more natural look.  most experts think are due to GoreTex technique that enhances lip muscles. Her lips do appear better now, possibly a result of removal of some or all of the implant, or maybe just due to laying off the additional lip injections Meg Ryan has likely had the implants removed and now uses collagen or Restylane, as her lips seem less large than previously, although they don’t still appear natural at all.

Meg Ryan plastic surgery Lip Job, Facelift and Breast Augmentation  1


For Megs age it weird that she doesn’t have any sagging skin. Neck-lift is suspected to eliminate the hanging skin. Then her cheeks have undergone volumetric change indicating a cheek implant. This makes her look youthful and her face looks fuller. Meg actually reveals tighter line-free visage which is indicative of forehead lift (or Botox injections). Actually, the entire face of Meg is stretched indicating that there may be a lot of Botox involved.

Meg Ryan plastic surgery Lip Job, Facelift and Breast Augmentation  2

Eyes surgery:

Her eyes are now different as well. They are seemingly pulled up. The eyes have made an impact on Meg’s brows as well or she has perhaps opted for a brow lift. The eyes and brows modifications have led to Meg, looking permanently surprised.

Boob Job:

Also, Meg Ryan was never famous for exposing her upper body but there are plenty of rumors of breast implantation.

She is often mocked of her joken style smile and this bad plastic surgery was also the result of the fall in her career. Despite of this many people still love her for what she was.

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