October 23, 2020

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Dermabrasion, Nose Job, Boob Job!

Check out Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After photos below!

Megan Fox, the famous American actress and model has had multiple plastic surgeries such as Nose Job, Botox and Boob Job, plus fillers in her face and lips! Fox denied she had had plastic surgery and claimed that her youthful apperance was what she was born with. No matter what she said, it’s still easy to find the truth by checking out the following “Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”!

Fox has gotten breast implants, nose job and that her lips and face have been filled artificially using materials like Restylene.

megan-fox-plastic surgery before and after
Lip injection before and after
Fox used fillers in her lips to give her the signature pout that has made her so easily identifiable. – Dr. J Walden Walden
Her lips looks much fuller than before and they look very sexy now!
megan-fox-plastic surgery before and after 2
Breast Implants before and after
Megan Fox’s breasts are also perky and round. According to the celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, this is possibly be the result of the breast implants.

The high riding, perky nature of Fox’s breasts is a give away for surgical enhancement – Dr. Anthony Youn

megan-fox-boob job 1

Here is another “boob job before and after photo” and you can see huge differences.

Megan Fox breast implant

Dermabrasion and skin peels, no botox?

Megan Fox has had dermabrasion and skin peels to keep her skin smooth and wrinkle free!

Fox has done dermabrasion and skin peels, and though botox was a possibility- doctors

Megan Fox dermabrasion

Megan Fox has had the partial botox, not the full face botox
Megan Fox denied she had botox injection done and she shared her photos to prove that. From the following photos you can see wrinkles on her forehead! Maybe this is the truth that Megan never touched botox, but there’s some other possibilities that she has only had partial botox rather than the full face botox.
megan-fox-plastic surgery 5
“Megan’s Beverly Hills dermatologist actually paid her an on-set visit to inject botox between her eyebrows.” – insider
Nose job before and after

It’s evident that Megan has had nose job and the bump of her nose has been smoothed out. Her nose job was proven by plastic surgeon Dr. J Walden.

It is very likely, that Megan Fox underwent a rhinoplasty procedure to refine and shape her nose. – Dr. J Walden

megan-fox-plastic surgery 6

Just look at her earlier picture below (left), you will find that Fox has had quite a lot of plastic surgeries done especially her nose!

Megan Fox Nose Job before and after

Cheek fillers

Megan Fox also has had cheek fillers because you can see her face looks fuller than before. Her cheek fillers are very natural.
Megan Fox cheek implant

Overall Megan Fox plastic surgery is very successful and natural!