January 28, 2021

Michelle Obama Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Facelift, Botox Injections and Nose Job

Recently when talking about plastic surgery, Michelle Obama said women should have freedom (to do plastic surgery) and when Michelle Obama was asked about if she would consider about plastic surgery, she said “Never Say Never”. But it seems Michelle Obama has already take plastic surgery procedures to maintain her beauty even she has reached her 50s. There are rumors saying Michelle Obama has taken regular botox injections, facelift, nose job, liposuction on butt and thigns.

“Women should have the freedom to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves,” – Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama nose job

Michelle Obama is likely to have taken nose job. I found 2 of her earlier photos that you can see her nose was very big, flat with wide nose bridge. Now her nose shape changed a lot which seems not so wide than before. This is not likely the result of Michelle losing her baby fat because her nose shape changed too much than simply because of the weight loss. Rather, it’s more likely that she has taken nose job to get a much refined and better looked nose.Michelle Obama plastic surgery before and after photos nose job Michelle Obama plastic surgery before and after photos nose job 2

Michelle Obama facelift and botox injections

If you compare Michelle Obama’s photos of 2003 and 2013, you will find her wrinkles decreased in 10 years of time! She seems to be younger and younger. There’s only one explain, Michelle Obama has taken botox injections or (and) facelift!

Michelle Obama plastic surgery before and after photos nose job botox injections facelift

In fact, Michelle Obama’s botox injections and (or) facelift have been proved by plastic surgeons Dr. Steven Fallek and dermatologist Dr. Katz.

The first lady was likey to have taken botox because her highly arched eyebrow which has been an indication of plastic surgery.

Dr. Adam D. Schaffner also agreed the first lady used forehead botox injections to get a flawless face.