January 28, 2021

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After: Cheek Surgery, Face Lift and Ear Cartilage Removal

It is undoubtedly true that Mickey Rourke has undergone plastic surgery, and a worse one for that matter. Mickey Rourke is among the few celebrities who have admitted undergoing plastic surgery with even going further to proclaim it as a celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong. Ever since, the actor has tried to bring together the mistake since 2008 after the actor made claims of going to the wrong person to try and fix his face.Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After Cheek Surgery, Face Lift and Ear Cartilage Removal 3

Mickey Rourke shows his swollen face after plastic surgery

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Mickey Rourke plastic surgery

With five different surgeries, Mickey Rourke has had a re-shape and re-built of his nose in addition to having an ear cartilage removed. Mickey also openly agreed having a cheek surgery done for reconstruction of the face. In addition to having many facial procedures, it is further rumored that Mickey has had a facelift which did not go well.

Mickey Rourke face lifts before and after

To reduce his wrinkles, Mickey Rourke went through facelift surgery procedures. Unluckly, his facelift did not go well because they were obviously overdone. Her face looks swollen and fake.Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After Cheek Surgery, Face Lift and Ear Cartilage Removal

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery: brow lift, lip augmentation and eyelid lift

Mickey Rourke’s other plastic surgery procedures include: brow lift, lip augmentation and eyelid lift.

A certified plasitc surgeon explained the reason.

“Starting at the top, it appears Rourke had a brow lift which is evidenced by the much raised hair line which was caused by pulling the forehead back so much. Also, the right brow is lower and that affects the right eye, making it look smaller.” – Tarick Smaili plastic surgeon Tarick Smaili

“There is evidence of excess skin left from an upper eyelid lift,” “Moving down the face, Rourke definitely had a face lift but without optimal results and with too much pulling on the deep layers of muscles. That is evidenced by the deformed dimpling you see on his lower cheeks.”

“One gets a sense that Rourke is aware of his appearance because he has grown some facial hair to camouflage it. Finally, his lips seem unbalanced, probably due to some form of lip augmentation,” Dr. Smaili

Mickey Rourke cheek implants

Putting apart the rumored and admitted surgery can be at times very hard especially if it is the case with an individual like Mickey, with him only admitting of having a surgery to reconstruct his cheek and nose which is according to an interview with the Britain’s Daily Mail.

Mickey Rourke went though cheek implants to reconstruct his cheek and nose, but the result is still disappointing.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After Cheek Surgery, Face Lift and Ear Cartilage Removal 2

The reason behind Mickey’s surgery

For individuals who have not had the opportunity to see a professional boxing match, it is not a nice affair and especially you reach the weight class Mickey was fighting at. In spite of having won 6 of the 8 professional fights of which 4 were by knockout, his opponent’s fists had no sympathy on his face. Several nose breakages and cheekbone fractures had been reported severally. Rourke said that he had to undergo a plastic surgery to do away with the mess on his face. With regard to this, he admits that he sought services of the “wrong person” in a move to try and have the reconstruction carried out.

Since the scar tissues from the injuries showed no correct healing progress, Rourke needed a fix of his cheekbone. Cartilages had to be taken from his ear by surgeons so as to try and mend his nose, which had suffered breakage at least two times in his fighting career.

The dramatic change in the appearance of Mickey Rourke from what it once was in his better days early in the 1980s has been contributed by the injuries he had encountered, the poor and ineffective choice of surgeon and the numerous reconstruction procedures he has undergone.

As a matter of fact, it can be argued and concluded that Rourke had the best reason for undergoing plastic surgery in Hollywood. Being a male actor, admitting of this whole thing can be very hard for him. However, if Mickey Rourke has plans of having another plastic surgery in future, he should play his cards well and get to know a lot so as to avoid a mess and have it done right.

There are two intriguing videos here. One showing Mickey’s changing faces over years and the other one giving a summary of Mickey’s fate and why he surgery was important.

What to learn from Mickey Rourke’s bad plastic surgery?

“A doctor who has no medical malpractice suit and has good records would in fact advise you to talk to his previous patients.  By contrast, if your doctor discourage you to make some background check, this is already a red flag,” – plastic surgeon