February 25, 2021

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Eye Lifts, Neck Lift and Botox

Check more about Nancy Pelosi’s plastic surgery before and after photos below! In the political world, it’s not hard to find refreshing faces, including Hillary’s firm jawline, Joe Biden’s smooth cheeks and Arnold’s granite-like brow. Now you can add Nancy Pelosi in, because she has taken a number of plastic surgery procedures including eye lifts, neck lift, face lift, botox injections and possibly more!Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos Eye Lifts, Neck Lift and Botox

“She’s so cosmetically surgeon-ed, I wish she didn’t look so good. It would be more natural,” One well-known D.C. doctor talked about Nancy Pelosi’s surgery.

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery: Eyelid lift and face lift

Nancy Pelosi, born on March 26, 1940, will be 74 year old next month. But you can hardly find any signs of what a 73 year old women should be. Just check the following photos. The left photo is Joyce when she took to the stage to sing Paper Roses, the right one is Nancy. The same thing for the two photos is the photos were all taken at 73 years old. See the difference? Nancy Pelosi seems like at her 30s rather than 70s!

It’s hard to find her eyelid lift and face lift before and after photos because it’s clear that she has taken regular plastic surgery to prevent any sagging looks.

Nancy Pelosi’s plastic surgery were confirmed by Plastic surgerons.

“A woman her age shouldn’t look that good,” says Dr. Anthony Youn, a Detroit-based plastic surgeon. “It appears that she has had a good amount of surgery … probably an eyelid lift and even a facelift.”

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos Eye Lifts, Neck Lift and Botox 3

Nancy Pelosi non- Plastic Surgery: Botox

Nancy Pelosi is also likely to have been doing botox injections, the non-surgical procedures on regular basis for quite long time. Notice the photo below the first paragraph? You can find her look didnt change for the past 30 years!

The best part for botox injections and mini facelifts is when doing it on a regular basis, it’s relatively unnoticeable without face swollen. That’s why botox injections have been so popular among political people, including Nancy.

“I’ll bet they have Botox parties on the floor of the US Senate in the evenings,” – Dr. Cohen. 

But botox injections have its disadvantages which might be the reason Nancy also chose the other plastic surgery procedures.


“The problem with Botox is that it makes you less expressive,” says scientist Mr. Ekman, “It may get rid of some wrinkles and it may make you look a little younger, but you are going to be less attractive to voters. … We don’t like people whose faces don’t move.”

Nancy Pelosi plastic surgery: Neck lift

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos Eye Lifts, Neck Lift and Botox 2

Nancy Pelosi’s neck lift is quite obviously shown in the above photos. Her sagging neck skin became smooth and wrinkles decreased. This is of course the result of the neck surgery. Nancy Pelosi’s neck lift as well as the other plastic surgery were also confirmed by plastic surgeron Barry J. Cohen who was quoted as saying.

 “I would guess she had a neck lift some time ago, although is certainly ready for another,” “It would appear that she had the fat removed from around her eyes, but has a substantial amount of excess skin on the lower lids. She has not a line on her forehead, likely indicating a date with a vial of Botox, yet has remaining lines at her crow’s feet (it wore off or was untreated). Her nasolabial folds could benefit from a filler, to soften her creases, and she would likely benefit from a peel or laser abrasion…She has her share of lines and wrinkles. Likely from all the time spent at high altitudes in her (our) private jet.”