January 25, 2021

Nicki Minaj Before Surgery

Check out the following “Nicki Minaj Before Surgery” photos! Nicki Minaj is a celebrity who has been drawn into controversy after controversy, one of which is that she has had her looks artificially altered, even though she vehemently denies such allegations.

Nicki Minaj Before Surgery

What are the surgical procedures that Nicki Minaj could have procured?
Anyone who even has the slightest knowledge about Plastic Surgery can tell that Nicki has had some procedures done just by looking at Photos of her, and one immediately knows that some of her pictures look a bit too odd to be natural.

Nicki Minaj Before Surgery 2Nicki Minaj Before Surgery

Nose job

I’m 100% sure she has had at least one nose job.

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos before and after photos

Butt Implants
This rumor too looks to be real, as if you observe any one of Nicki’s recent photos, you will deduce that it looks unnaturally big, and is actually bigger than how it appeared in older photos.

niki_minaj_plastic surgery before and after photos
It is simply too unnatural to be obtained by strict regimes and any other procedures, so as the evidence piles on, it is almost conclusive that she has gone through such Butt Operations.

Did Nicki Minaj have breast implants too?
Once again, just by comparing before and after pictures, we can say that she definitely has had breast implants done, because simply no one just moves up a size in a day!
As we look at the evidence, we ought to say that Nicki hasn’t had quality plastic surgery. She has gone too far, looking unnatural, and looking made mostly of silicon. Surgery is meant to be subtle and is meant to bring out the facial beauty already in you. But, with Nicki Minaj, it has piled on and on to make it anything but subtle.

nicki-minaj-plastic surgery photos before-and-after-breast implant

Face Lift
Plastic Surgery is meant to be subtle and refined, but it seems Nicki Minaj didn’t get the message, because a close look at her face tells us that her features are too refined to be natural. I mean, no one can have facial features that literally look like they have been sculpted.nicki minaj before and after surgery face lift

In addition to this, while her skin may not be loose to need some procedures, she may definitely have gone through surgery to remove those frown lines. Indeed, her face seems a bit too refined, smooth and free of any aberrations to be natural..

Botox Operations

While Nicki won’t give in to the evidence against her, us critics have taken a jab at what procedures she may have gone through to obtain her present look. In addition to the facia procedures, she also has gone through Botox procedures, and this one looks to be true, because her face is free of any frown lines or any other aberrations, and by virtue of nature, no one’s face is free of aberrations unless they have been removed surgically.
Nicki claims that this is because of her strenous dietary and fitness regimes, but do you really believe that such natural regimes can produce something so utterly unnatural? Indeed, the skin looks richer, and more lively, probably due to the use of something like Juvederm.

Nicki Minaj Before Surgery 3

Botox is a pretty popular procedure, and since we know how much Nicki desires to be a famous celebrity, it is definitely a very real possibility that she has gone through such procedures.