January 17, 2021

Nigella lawson Plastic Surgery Before and After: Facelift, Hair Transplant and Lip Job

See Nigella lawson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos Below: Nigella Lawson has been very famous as a television personality, food writer, chef, broadcaster and a English Journalist. She has been working on such tasks for more than 20 years and has always ended up getting appreciation from the viewers on her Cooking Show which was broadcasted all over the USA.

Lately she has been receiving harsh comments from the public which is accusing her of getting plastic surgery done. Many celebrities with a  fear of losing glamour and popularity get such procedures done and Nigella is known to gone under the knife.

Some of her recent pictures shows her eyes to be red and bloated while her lips to be all puffed up which were once beautiful. Some of the surgeries she has alleged to get are as follows:

Hair Transplant: 

Some say that she has done surgeries done to treat the bald spots on her head as with growing age people tend to lose hair and go bald so this might be the case with her. To cover her weakness she might have got a plastic surgery done or a hair transplant.


Her before and after pictures suggests that she has had Botox Injections or facial fillers . In her 50’s it’s impossible to her not have any lines or wrinkles. Different pictures shows how different she looks at different instances with her new look. Her cheeks look full now and she has managed to eradicate any kind of sagginess in her face.

Nigella lawson Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Lip Job 1

Lip Job:

She has also known to have lip injections in order to reshape her lips. Her lips appear to be more puffed up now which gives an unnatural look. Some say they look more sensual. Her lips look full and glossy to some.

Nigella lawson Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Lip Job 2

Now the debate is on how natural does she look? If you look at her pictures you can see how smooth her skin is and her plump lips make her look like a women in her early forties than fifties. She has a very youthful glow on her face.

Nigella lawson Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Lip Job 3

Nigella doesn’t agree to her rumors of plastic surgery but attributes her new look to healthy diet and an extremely conscious lifestyle. Regardless, her eyes look wider, her cheeks look fuller, and her lips look plump and juicy. One thing’s for sure, she certainly looks younger than her age and is still a media darling and star.