February 25, 2021

Kate Middleton Nose Job Cost: How Much to Own Kate Middleton Nose?

How much it costs to get Kate Middleton nose? More and more people started to care about this problem as “Kate Middleton Nose” is now the best seller in plastic surgery field! 

According to one plastic surgeon, Kate Middleton nose, especially the nostril are nearly perfect natural look.

how much kate middleton nose job(Samir Hussein/WireImage)

“Her nose is so appealing because it is pretty without being overly perfect, the slightly sloped bridge with the rounded tip is pleasing to the eye but not overly sculpted looking. Although my patients like her nose, most want the tip a bit more defined, but still natural looking.”

It’s so perfect that more and more girls want to own it!

“Every time she (Kate Middleton) smiled it’s like, that’s what I want — I want my nose to be like that'” Blaier, who taken the nose job in Manhattan finally realized her dream to have a Kate Middleton nose, talked about her real thoughts before the precedure.

For plastic surgeons, it becomes more clear, one surgeon in Manhattan said:

 “It has become so popular that we have made a file of a dozen Kate Middleton pictures to show patients when they come in for their consultation.”

Kate’s nose job not only limits within USA, in fact, it has become the most popular celebrity facial surgery, according to the biggest cosmetic surgery providers.

How Much to Get Kate Middleton Nose?

The nose job cost various in different places. According to the plastic surgeon, Kate Middleton Nose job, or what they called Middleton-inspired rhinoplasty, costs around $7,000, that’s an average number among 20 women who are going to go through the precedure.

According to Jessica Blaier, who is in her 20s, is now a NYU students, spent $12,000 in the plastic surgery.

jessica blaier nose like kate middleton

(Abc news) Jessica Blaier nose job to have a Kate Middleton Nose

No matter it’s $7000, or $12000, Kate Middleton nose job really costs! And more important question is: if Kate’s nose really fits you?

 “Not every face was made for Kate Middleton’s nose, and often patients must have other work done to their chins, cheeks or brows to make the regal beak work for them.”- warned by plastic surgeons

Other celebrity nose job

According to DR. dubrow, a famous plastic surgeon,

“Often I get patients requesting Angelina Jolie’s nose, which is much more defined with thinner skin and is the classic looking post-rhinoplasty nose.”

 When mentioned about whose nose better? He answered that he prefered Kate’s nose much more, because it looks more natural and not that fake.