January 23, 2021

NYC plastic surgeon posted ex-intern’s topless photos online, suit says

A deviant Manhattan plastic surgeon posted topless photos of his former intern on social media and his company website, a new lawsuit alleges.

The intern — who filed the case under the name Jane Doe — says Dr. David Shokrian of Millennial Plastic Surgery PLLC posted a topless photo of her captioned, “my favorite medical assistant,” in November 2019, the Manhattan Supreme Court papers from Wednesday allege.

“The Instagram photo was then tagged to Doe’s account as well as another of her former employers,” the court documents claim.

Shokrian and a nurse that works with him, were able to get the pictures off of Doe’s phone having previously had her sync to the office’s Google Calendar — which they used as a hacking mechanism, the court papers allege.

The pair also allegedly posted topless photos of her on their company website. Both incidents happened roughly two months after Doe’s internship ended in September, the court documents claim.

Doe — who started at Millennial in May 2019 during her Medical Assistant Management degree — says Shokrian found ways to “regularly” rub his penis against her while at work, by pretending it was unintentional and unavoidable, the court papers allege.

And once on June 17, 2019, Shokrian allegedly pinned Doe against a wall, groping her breasts, hips and butt while trying to kiss her.

“I really appreciate you,” Shokrian allegedly said to Doe, who tried to push him away responding, “Doctor, I am professional, I am Christian, you are married,” according to the suit.

The doctor also slapped the butts of anesthetized patients and made sexual innuendos about them while they were sedated, the court papers allege.

Doe says that the doctor bragged about his sexual exploits with current and former patients noting his “obsession” with black women and once told Doe — then, 34 — “trust me all plastic surgeons cheat on their wives,” the court filings allege.

The doctor also allegedly up-sold patients while they were medicated and sold a skin-smoothing treatment that he didn’t have the equipment for but made patients believe he performed while they were under during other procedures like liposuction, the court papers say.

“Soon after Jane Doe began her internship Shokrian exhibited disturbing sexually deviant, depraved and unethical behavior and verbal disrespect toward patients who were under the influence of anesthesia and were naked or partially undressed,” the court papers charge.

Doe’s lawyer, Michael Galluzzi declined to comment.

Gene Rosen, a lawyer who represents the doctor and his practice, said he hasn’t yet reviewed the lawsuit and couldn’t immediately comment.