August 5, 2020

Porsha Stewart Breast Impants Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos


Porsha Stewart recently revealed on BET’s 106 & Park that she has had plastic surgery done! Although she didn’t reveal which kind of plastic surgery she has had, from Porsha Stewart’s before and after photos below, you can still find out that it’s evident that she has taken breast implants!

“Yes, I have! Recently, I did!” “Recently! I can’t tell you; you have to guess,” “My momma tells me not to say that word!”

Porsha Stewart had flat boobs and from her photos you can find her breast size was just about A cup and she has to wear push-up bras to make them look a little larger. But her recent photos showed quite different breast size and it increases at least one cup. Fortunately she didn’t go to extreme. It’s also evident that she is very satisfied with the results because her three photos are all what she was trying to show off her new boobs!

What do you think of Porsha Stewart’s new plastic surgery?