January 20, 2021

Rosamund Pike Plastic Surgery

British actress Rosamund Pike, 36 currently all the rage in the film ‘Gone Girl’, is rumored to be someone that regularly gets plastic surgery. Some people are claiming she had a rip removed, after having a baby boy in December 14th. The talk is oncoming when it concerns plastic surgery for Pike. Some fans like gossiping flamboyant Perez Hilton, he claims that Pike had some ribs removed to make her waist look super small. Although people just started talking about the actress in the last year or so, she’s been around a long time. She was a ‘Bond Girl fifteen years ago, but she has been in a lot of B movies too. However now that Pike is getting a lot of attention from the world over, her look and everything about her look is closely monitored. Pike talked about the film that has made her an international star. She said “ When I started reading the book and talking to David (director) I read the first section of the book, and I said I don’t think I’m right for this girl. I feel I’m being asked strongly to like this character. I don’t quite buy her. Because in the beginning you meet Amy and she’s this woman that kind of tolerates all these screw ups by her guy, and he comes home drunk at 3 in the morning, and all of that sort of thing. If it were me I wouldn’t just forgive that. So I had to really think hard and long before I just excepted this part.”

Rosamund Pike Plastic Surgery before and after


According to Dr. Doulgas A. Taranow, New York City celebrity plastic surgeon, Rosamund Pike has had botox injections done.

“Rosamund is just glowing, she is keeping her Botox very natural looking by just having it injected across her forehead, she looks gorgeous”