August 4, 2020

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Botox Injections, Facelift and Nose Job


Did Sandra Bullock have plastic surgery procedures? The answer is yes! Check the following Sandra Bullock plastic surgery before and after photos below, you will find strong proofs that she has taken plastic surgery procedures including botox injections, facelift and nose job! Born on July 26, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia, the famous actress is nearly 40 years old, facing pressures from her career and loss of Ryan Reynolds to Gossip girl which drived her to take plastic surgery! According to her friend, losing Ryan Reynolds to Black lively was a big blow to her and she never imagined she lost the game to a younger kid. Maybe that’s what motivated her to persue cosmetic surgery and maintain her young looking.

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Sandra Bullock botox

The rumor of Sandra Bullock’s botox injections raised when she was spotted with a wrinkle-free face even when she laughed! This is quite different from several years ago (photo, left) when you can still see wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes. So her changes are likely the results of the botox injections. According to an insider,

 “It looks like she’s had Botox injections on the upper and lower outer corner of her eyes, which soften crow’s feet and pulls up the outer edges of the brow and lifts the lid.

Sandra Bullock botox before and after photos

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery – nose job ( rhinoplasty)

Sandra Bullock’s nose job can be clearly seen from the following before and after photos. Her nose used to be with a big tip and wide bridge, now her nose shape seems to be refined, although still very large, her bridge of nose seems much narrower than before, nose nostrils and her nose tip much smaller.

Sandra Bullock’s rhinoplasty has been confirmed by plastic surgeon. According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon from Miami, Sandra Bullock had her nose done to be narrower than before and her nose better fitted with her pretty face now.

It’s lucky that she didn’t go to extremes so she still looks beautiful and recognizable with her signiture nose.

 Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos – nose job

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos – nose job

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery – facelift

From the before and after photos below, you can see her face much fuller than before and wrinkles disappeared which are always resulted from facial fillers. The photo (right) was taken in 2012 and the left earlier so she might do facelift in 2012, but I’m not sure if she did in 2013 because she looks much natural recently.

However, according to insiders, Sandra Bullock undergoes injectables on a regular basis now.

“She appears to have had a forehead lift a few years ago and It also seems like she’s a regular fan of Radiesse, a filler injected into the folds around her mouth.” – insider to OK! magazine

Back in 2012, some readers even compared her with Michael Jackson.


Anyhow I still like her movie, she is always the pretty girl next door!