January 23, 2021

Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery: Nose Job and Chest Job

Shemar Moore is an American Television actor and model and has also starred in a number of Hollywood movies. He is a regular on CBS’s Criminal Minds and has also been a part of The Young and The Restless until the show got cancelled after eleven years. Blessed with a successful career and a long list of producers waiting to work for him, the African-American has everything going for him. The guy also has a couple of movies coming out this year and he has also forayed into direction with his latest movie The Bounce Back. However, these are things that everyone knows about him. What people do not know is that recently, it looks as if the good looking actor has also forayed into the world of plastic surgery.Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery Nose Job and Chest Job 4

Before readers raise their eyebrows and whisper that they did not expect something like this from him, they must know that apparently, he has hade plastic surgery simply because of a minor accident that he went through due to which his nose was badly hurt and he had to get deconstructive surgery to set it right. However, this is simply a rumor and no one knows for sure if this is actually true. People guessed that he had had plastic surgery recently due to his changed physical appearance recently. The actor appeared at a public event recently and that was when the rumor mills started churning out juicy gossip.

By looking at some of his old pictures and then comparing them with his most recent ones, one can actually feel the difference very clearly.

Nose Job

If one looks closely at the before and after pictures, one will not notice an obvious difference in his face since Shemar Moore has been amongst those actors and celebrities who have handled plastic surgery with intelligence and responsibility.
However, if one really focuses closely, they will see that there used to be some bumps and lumps at the end of his nose which are now completely gone. His nose, after the surgery looks a lot better. It looks refined, narrow and much slender than it was before, making it obvious that the surgery was a success. The rhinoplasty comes after some serious scars and blemishes damaged his face after an accident.
Nevertheless, Shemar Moore plastic surgery seems to have gone really well and he looks better than ever.

Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery Nose Job and Chest Job
Surgery on the Chest

Rumors are also ripe that the nose job is not the only surgery that has opted for recently. He has also had some work done on his chest recently for some reason. It is not that clear at first glimpse in the before and after photos. However, again one has to look really closely to know that there is some truth in the claims. As to why he has had surgery on his chest, the reason is not clearly known and neither do the facts tell what sort of surgery he has had. Although, rumors suggest that this may have been due to his recent accident and his attempts to reconstruct his body in order to preserve his acting career.

Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery Nose Job and Chest Job 3

Conclusively, it can be said that Shemar Moore looks even better than he did before and the surgery has definitely helped him look handsomer and more attractive, as is obvious from the before and after pictures.

Going under the knife to alter one’s appearance is not an uncommon activity in Tinsel town. Let’s just hope that other celebrities follow the path that has been set by him and learn to use plastic surgery the right way and for the right reasons, instead of just doing it as a hobby and ending up looking unreal and fake.