January 23, 2021

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Goes Horribly Wrong

Check out Tara Reid’s plastic surgery before and after photos below! There are a number of Hollywood celebrities who often opt for plastic surgery in order to a give a boost to their declining Hollywood careers. The main aim is to not only get noticed by the paparazzi and the media who, they believe will jump in on any new stories relating to plastic surgery but to also get a fresher, better looking face in order to get noticed by Hollywood producers and film companies. Also, Hollywood divas often believe that the size of one’s breasts is somehow directly proportional to the amount of films they can sign. Strange it may sound, but it is true and many divas have gone for boob jobs for all the wrong reasons.Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Goes Horribly Wrong before and after photos 6

Tara Reid is one such actress who believes that going under the knife will give a boost to her career as an actress. Unfortunately, her procedures – all of them – went badly wrong and they seem to have backfired, sending her career in a downwards spiral instead of boosting it. Where before her plastic surgery operations, she looked amazing and young in a bikini, she now simply looks old and wrinkly like her grandmother.

Hollywood newbies need to take note of the following before and after photos; they are the perfect examples of a boob job and liposuction gone horribly wrong. Hollywood friends are not always the best of friends.

Breast Augmentation

Tara Reid went for a doctor who was not a certified plastic surgeon and she only went to him because her friends told her that he was a great doctor. So, like the perfect Hollywood bimbo, she went to him without conducting research beforehand and after her boob job, her breasts look like the following picture.

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Goes Horribly Wrong before and after photos 2

Tara Reid’s breasts were too small for her taste and she, like so many others, believed that bigger breasts will mean more films. After her surgery, she did get bigger breasts but they are now saggy and wrinkly, making them look as if they belong to an eight-year-old body.

Here is what Tara thinks went wrong: She says that, firstly, she asked for Big B sizes for her implants but the surgeon made a mistake and gave her A C size which she did not want in the first place. Immediately after her surgery ended, she says she had a few bumps along her nipples and when she told the doctor, he said that she only needed to give it some time and it will get better. However, after six months, they started to look worse.

Apparently, the Tara Reid plastic surgery nightmare has affected her relationships with men as well. About her relationships, she said that the men she would date would ask her what was wrong with her breasts, as if she had a disease. They also asked her to get them fixed. It really embarrassed her and she felt uncomfortable making love with the lights on.


Tara Reid’s breast job is not the only think gone wrong with her plastic surgery experiences. Apparently, the actress also opted for a tummy tuck-in procedure which went badly wrong as well. The before pictures show a slightly bulky tummy which is nevertheless smooth and young-looking. The after pictures show that it is now way too float to look normal and the ab lines look very fake and rather like an old woman’s ironed wrinkles. Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Goes Horribly Wrong before and after photos 3

On her lipo, she said that she had gone for the procedure because she wanted to have a six pack, even though she knew that she was already slim and did not need a tuck-in. However, the procedure went wrong and her stomach started to look really bulgy with ripples and swells all over it.

Anyhow, maybe her next project is a botox and facelift?

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Goes Horribly Wrong 6