February 25, 2021

Teen Mom 3 Katie Yeager Breast Implants Before and After Photos?

Katie Yeager recently shared a photo on twitter and fans suddently find her breast size seems to have increased at least 1 cup! When Katie Yeager was asked by her fans if she had ever done breast implants, she said,  “No mine are all natural.” Teen Mom 3 Katie Yeager Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Just check Katie Yeager’s possible breast implants photos before and after above. It’s evident that her breast size increased a lot! But it’s not enough to say that the has had boob jobs because you can’t find out her breast shape natural or not, nor the possible scar left by breast augmentation surgery.

I’m not sure if Katie still nurses her baby now. Katie was reported to have gained much weight during her pregnancy and then slimmed down during the breastfeeding period, but nursing can also make her breasts shrink down so that’s why rumors raised that her increased breasts are the result of boob jobs.

What do you think?