January 17, 2021

Top 10 Awful Plastic Surgery Disasters

Nearly every celebrity all over the world has spent numerous amounts on plastic surgery‭ ‬– be it Michael Jackson or the‭ ‬$4‭ ‬million giant Jocelyn Wildenstein.‭ ‬Unfortunately,‭ ‬their attempt to beautify their faces failed drastically.‭ ‬Here are the top ten awful plastic surgery attempts gone off beam.‭Top 10 Awful Plastic Surgery Disasters

1‭) Hang Mioku awful plastic surgery

Meet Hang Mioku‭; ‬the plastic surgery fanatic from Korea‭ ‬– the woman who inserted cooking oil‭ ‬into her face.‭

Top 10 Awful Plastic Surgery Disasters Hang Mioku awful plastic surgery

Mioku is perhaps the saddest case of plastic surgery gone wrong.‭ ‬The forty-eight year old model shifted to Japan from South Korea after she became addicted to cosmetic surgery.‭ ‬Her own family could not recognize her after her obsession became a mania and she self-injected cooking oil into her face.‭ ‬Mioku got her first face surgery at the age of twenty-eight and after years of numerous cosmetic surgeries,‭ ‬her face became enormously mutilated.‭ ‬Consequently,‭ ‬her doctors refused to carry out any further procedures on her and told her to go to a psychiatrist to treat her obsession with cosmetic surgery.‭ ‬Feeling helpless,‭ ‬she self-inserted cooking oil into her face,‭ ‬instantly becoming the joke of her neighbourhood.‭ ‬The kids in her society teased her with names like‭ “‬standing fan‭”‬ as her huge face did not align with her smaller body.‭

Eventually,‭ ‬Mioku became popular on the media and her story was broadcasted on Korean TV.‭ ‬The viewers were moved by her account and donations were made that allowed her to get reconstructive surgery.‭ ‬Doctors took out‭ ‬60g of alien material from her face and‭ ‬200g more from her neck.‭ ‬There were many other sessions after which her face did improve but was still left largely scarred and blemished.‭

2‭) Jocelyn Wildenstein awful plastic surgery:‭ ‬the‭ ‬$4‭ ‬million giant.

A famous New York socialite,‭ ‬Jocelyn Wildenstein has spent nearly‭ ‬$4‭ ‬million on plastic surgery.‭ ‬Her face has become so disfigured,‭ ‬that the media now calls her‭ “‬The Bride of Wildenstein‭”‬ (inspired from The Bride of Frankenstein‭)‬.‭ ‬The story behind her addiction is even more bizarre.‭

Jocelyn Wildenstein Cat Woman Plastic Surgery lip injections Before and After Photos, Worst Plastic Surgery!

Jocelyn had married a very well-off art dealer.‭ ‬She was living a luxurious life and was a pretty mother of two.‭ ‬One day,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬her life turned around completely when she caught her husband sleeping with a young model from Russia.‭ ‬A normal woman would have simply left her husband,‭ ‬gaining millions in divorce settlements but Jocelyn is not a normal woman.‭ ‬Conversely,‭ ‬she decided to win her husband back and took to plastic surgery.‭ ‬She and her partner‭ ‬separated anyway but Jocelyn successfully spent millions on cosmetic procedures.‭

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3‭) The legendary pop star with over ten nose jobs‭ ‬– Michael Jackson awful plastic surgery

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos 2

The‭ ‬man is perhaps the most notorious case of screwed up plastic surgery.‭ ‬The dead need to be respected and there is no doubt that Jackson always will be the King of Pop.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬when it comes to plastic surgery,‭ ‬it is hard to put out the image of the sweet‭ ‬kid from Jackson‭ ‬5‭ ‬or the attractive male from the famous Thriller video.‭ ‬Then,‭ ‬Jackson decided to go under the knife and alter his face‭ ‬– several times over.‭ ‬The results,‭ ‬as everyone acknowledges,‭ ‬were horrific.‭

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4‭) Former Dead or Alive lead singer Pete Burns awful plastic surgery: he spent his life‭’‬s earning on cosmetic procedures.‭

Top 10 Awful Plastic Surgery Disasters Pete Burns awful plastic surgery

Burns‭’‬ band,‭ ‬Dead or Alive,‭ ‬gained notoriety for their song‭ “‬You spin me round‭ (‬like a record‭)‬.‭”‬ Once that was over,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬Burns has had‭ ‬numerous lip surgeries‭ (‬through polyacrylamide injections‭)‬.‭ ‬He has also has implants on his cheeks,‭ ‬gotten a number of tattoos and has invested in multiple nose reshapes.‭ ‬One of the surgeries on his lips seriously malformed his face and since then he has spent nearly all his earnings on surgeries aiming to reconstruct his face‭ (‬lasted for eighteen months‭)‬.‭ ‬

5‭) Cat-man Dennis Avner awful plastic surgery

The recently deceased Dennis Avner spent many years of his life trying to resemble a tiger or a‭ “‬Stalking Cat‭”‬ (his Native American name‭)‬.‭ ‬Also famously known as Cat-man,‭ ‬he has gotten a number of tattoos,‭ ‬transdermal implants‭ (‬to wear whiskers‭) ‬and sub-dermal implants to modify his face.‭ ‬He has filed his teeth to make them look like a tiger‭’‬s‭ (‬his totem animal‭)‬.‭ ‬His face has now been enlarged beyond recognition.‭

Top 10 Awful Plastic Surgery Disasters Cat-man Dennis Avner awful plastic surgery

6‭) Lizard-man Eric Sprague‭ awful plastic surgery and tattoos

Thirty-seven year old Eric Sprague became commonly known as the Lizard-man after extensive surgeries and tattooing left him looking like a reptile.‭ ‬He was perhaps the first person to bifurcate his tongue,‭ ‬starting a trend that,‭ ‬in certain places,‭ ‬is credited to him alone.‭ ‬Other than that,‭ ‬he has had tattoos that took seven hundred hours of procedures,‭ ‬has overextended his earlobes and septum,‭ ‬made his teeth resemble an animal‭’‬s fangs and has implanted five horns underneath his eyebrows.‭

Top 10 Awful Plastic Surgery Disasters  Lizard-man Eric Sprague‭ awful plastic surgery

7‭) Designer Donatella Versace awful plastic surgery

She took over her brother‭’‬s multi-million dollar fashion house.‭ ‬She is smart,‭ ‬successful and horribly disfigured.‭ ‬Donatella Versace looks like a grotesque caricature of herself after she went under the knife and the entire procedure went horribly wrong.‭ ‬Apart from breast implants‭ (‬which were revealed after her weight loss‭)‬,‭ ‬she has gone through facelift procedures‭ ‬– something entirely obvious when the tight skin on her face clashes with the loose skin of her neck and arms,‭ ‬for‭ ‬example.‭

Top 10 Awful Plastic Surgery Disasters Designer Donatella Versace awful plastic surgery

‬It is obvious that she has had Botox and other dermal injections in order to eliminate wrinkles.‭ ‬The fifty-three year old fashion designer has unnaturally huge lips that indicate high amounts of collagen and other fillers inside her skin.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬instead of getting that sensual Hollywood pout so obvious in her models,‭ ‬her lips just look odd and horrific.‭ ‬Also,‭ ‬her cosmetic surgeries have drastically increased the size of her nose,‭ ‬making it look crooked,‭ ‬flatter and much wider.‭ ‬Her‭ ‬nose truly looks like a gorilla‭’‬s.

8‭) Jackie Stallone awful plastic surgery:‭ ‬a case of implants and facelifts

Sylvester Stallone‭’‬s mother became the talk of the town when she claimed that she could talk to dogs to find out the future.‭ ‬A big believer in her supernatural abilities,‭ ‬Jackie started a psychic hotline that gave advice to clients in exchange for a fee.‭ ‬Lately,‭ ‬she has become notorious for her lip jobs,‭ ‬facelifts,‭ ‬nose job,‭ ‬brow lift and cheek implants.‭ ‬Truly,‭ ‬she is a bad case of implants and lifts.‭

Top 10 Awful Plastic Surgery Disasters Jackie Stallone awful plastic surgery

9‭) The world’s‭ ‬most‭ ‬renowned transsexual:‭ ‬Amanda Lepore awful plastic surgery

She was once extremely poor but her obsession with cosmetic surgery made her the world‭’‬s most popular transsexual.‭ ‬When she was fifteen,‭ ‬she went under the knife for the first time and has since been a regular when it comes to surgeries.‭ ‬She got a sex change when she was finishing up high school and has been attempting to look more like the opposite sex since.‭

Top 10 Awful Plastic Surgery Disasters Amanda Lepore plastic surgery

10‭) Italian socialite/collagen abuser:‭ ‬Michaela Romanini awful plastic surgery

Michaela Romanini is a forty-year old Italian‭ ‬socialite who became popular after her lip surgery went wrong.‭ ‬She has since had a number of other cosmetic surgeries and refuses to stop despite her badly disfigured face.‭

Michaela Romanini plastic surgery

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