February 25, 2021

Chronic Back Pain Gone Review, How Do I Get Immediate Relief from Lower Back Pain?

Here is my true story of how I found out a way to get immediate relief from lower back pain. I’m 38 years old and I had moderate lower side back pain ever since I gave birth to my daughter about 10 years ago, and I had lumbar pain as well. Although it’s not serious, it’s like an annoyance that just hang around and can’t vanish entirely.

In June last year, when I was working in a small local company like usual, I suddenly had a sharp pain in my back and I felt like somebody sneaked behind me and placed a knife on my lower back… My pain spots since then are in T9 and T10.

I went to see the doctor and the MRI showed that I had no problem at my spine at all. Since then I have been in treatments. I tried everything from anti-inflammatory medicine to steroid injections but none of them offer a satisfied relief. I even felt into desperation because there was no hope. The pain was so sharp sometimes that I could do nothing but lie in bed.

Luckily when I searched for current researches on back pain, I learnt that with a back pain alternative therapy, a US woman, with a back pain rate of seven on a 10-point scale returned for analysis without the pain. Having reviewed her after and before, the researcher could see the method had eliminated all obvious muscle tension. The mountains of tight muscles had disappeared. This was studied by the researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

I was curious to know what the back pain alternative treatment is. So I purchased the guide at its official site here  Chronic Back Pain Gone official site.

What is Chronic back pain gone?

Chronic Back Pain Gone is a short step-by-step essential guide to a natural back pain treatment. The book highlights a 10-minute miracle way for recurring pain relief, it’s a recently learned secret to the long lasting healing of all chronic back pain treatments. The back pain treatment isn’t known by Traditional western countries, but it’s constantly employed by Asians. Now many reputable studies have found that it’s very effective. But because it cost nearly nothing, the pharmacology companies and doctor don’t like the therapy at all.


About the author

The author, Harris A. is a former back pain sufferer who’s excited to present Chronic Back Pain Gone to the world after he found the therapy when I visited Thailand, as a means to alleviate a common problem that continues to plague millions of people worldwide.

I have tried the therapy for a couple of times. It saved my live. I found it quite necessary to watch the videos listed in the main book, to gain a better understanding of this therapy. Although you may feel weird at the first time, it brings immediate relief after 1 or 2 sessions. It’s amazing! For 2 months after the therapies, the sharp back pain never come and I can just feel a mild pain in my back pain with damp, rainy weather. I will keep on with this magic therapy and hopefully my back pain will go completely in 2017.

The ebook is downloadable at www.chronicbackpaingone.com and it charges $39 for its whole package.


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  1. “Chronic back pain gone” is not exactly acupuncture, but its very similar. The best part is no needles involved. I bought the package and have used the therapy for a couple of times. So far, it has reduced my back pain significantly. I have tried out more than 10 alternative therapies so far this is the best indeed.

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