October 22, 2020

Best Weight Loss Plan: Cash for Weight Loss is not Enough!

What is the best weight loss plan? Recently an interesting experience discovered an interesting result, compared with the cash for weight loss plan, getting a reward by losing weight, there is even a more effective way that gives you a reward to lose weight and create more competitors! The result has been published in journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

cash for weight loss

Two company sponored-weight loss programs produced totally different result. In one weight loss programs, the participant would be given $100 after achieving their personal aim, on the other weight loss program, the participants would also be given $100, but if their competitors lost less weight, he would get more money.

The result was very different. After 24 weeks, the competitor-reward group lost an average of 10 pounds while the other group just lost 7 pounds on average. It seems that in the programs with rewards and competitors, the weight loss effect was far better than the group with only rewards involved.

Why this competitor-reward weight loss programs work best?

 “Some amount of money constantly at stake each month — a goal and a reward — does seem to be a mechanism to help people make slightly better decisions,” Riis, assistant professor in Harvard Business School.

Riis also sugguestioned people who want to weight loss to join in an online program, stickk.com, this site was founded by an economics professor in Yale University which is an “commitment store.” that can create incentives between you and your friends, it will work far better than cash for weight loss plan.