February 28, 2021

Chris Christie Weight Loss Surgery (Before and After Photos)

Check “Chris Christie weight loss surgery” below! Obesity is something that is the bane of millions of Americans but when someone as prominent as the Governor of New Jersey undergoes a surgery to get rid of excess body weight it becomes hot news. In an interview to the Washington Post recently, Governor Christie revealed that he secretly underwent a surgical procedure called lap Band to get rid of his fat. He was quick to add that it was not because of political ambitions but because of his family’s urging that he went for the surgery.

Chris Christie Weight Loss before and after

(Chris Christie Weight Loss before and after, photo from nj)

Talking to Washington Post, Chris Christie revealed how he has been constantly troubled by excess bodyweight. He has been fighting obesity for the last 20 years and things had become so bad that he often thought whether he would be there or not for his children when he was 50. The idea for lap band was given to Chris by New York jets coach Rex Ryan, who himself lost more than 100 pounds through this procedure in 2010.

Chris Christie Weight Loss Surgery before, it clearly shows why Chris Christie was so fat!

Chris Christie Weight Loss before

If you do not know, lap band is a type of weight loss procedure that requires a band or a ring to be placed around the stomach of the individual. This band contains a reservoir in which a saline solution is kept. This band can be made tight or loose by increasing or decreasing the quantity of the saline solution. This tightening of the band helps in reducing food intake and therefore weight of the individual. According to the experts, lap band is the least invasive type of weight loss surgery but it is also one that leads to little weight loss. Lap band is not without risks and band slippage has been noticed in many patients who undergo this surgery.

Chris Christie

Good news in the case of Governor Chris Christie is that he has lost around 40 pounds since undergoing lap band surgery.