February 28, 2021

Christina Aguilera’s Overweight!

The American Music Awards were witness of a new fuller Cristina Aguilera, the singer looked happy in her curvy physique and I must say she dressed according to the event and to her body shape looking very proud in her gown…What do you think? Is she looking hot or not really?? Are you in favor of big, healthy and beautiful??

xtina aguilera

“I love my body. My boyfriend loves my body. My son is healthy and happy, so that’s all that matters to me.”

Those were the words of the singer in a superb attitude that it probably says it all! Don’t you think?! I mean even former co-star Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine has been stepping up to protect her friend and in a few words to tell the haters to keep their big noses out about negative remarks on Xtina’s shape.

The singer has been facing some harsh scrutiny for gaining weight but that hasn’t stopped her from looking like what she is, a star! And even more I think if she is happy at the end of the day we should think is her body and her choice to remain that way; I think we must remember she has been on both sides being extremely fit in that tiny body of hers!! Maybe pleasing everyone else? But now as she gets older and wiser about her own decisions in life she now has learn is not about what the media or society wants to see but what makes her happy as a human being…I’m just saying! Also, she is a mother and after all I don’t think it will get to a point in where she would compromise her own health.

In recent appearances she is looking very comfortable wearing tight clothing despite the critics and to me that shows she is feeling truly happy and of course getting the attention like a true pop star or like any other woman in any case so she shouldn’t have to apologize to anyone for her figure even more when she is feeling beautiful and oozing that sexiness!!!

Aguilera will be 32 next month and she is hoping to gain new and old fans back with her new album Lotus …have you heard first single “Your Body”??