February 25, 2021

‘Downton Abbey’ Star Dan Stevens 30 Pounds Weight Loss Before and After Photos

Check ‘Downton Abbey’ star Dan Stevens weight loss before and after photos! This former ‘Downton Abbey’ Star who played the actor of Matthew Crawley, lost 30 pounds just in 5 months.

'Downton Abbey' Star Dan Stevens 30 Pounds Weight Loss Before and After Photos

“I’ve lost about 30 pounds since New Year, which, in British terms, is about two or three chins,” he joked.

He suggested that his weight gain before ‘Downton Abbey’ was just for the role of Matthew Crawley and now he lost weight to return to his normal weight. His another weight loss motivation was for another role in “Summer in February,” and he acted a men involved into a bizarre love triangle.

“It was for a role. It’s always me, just different incarnations, different roles, different costumes and different sizes. As for the hair, it’s pretty much my natural color. I went very dark for the last role, but I’ll see where I go with it.”

How does Dan Stevens lose 30 pounds?

Dan revealed he adopted a strict healthy diet and workout regime to lose the weight and his weight loss motivation is Matthew Crawley once critizied as “how fat Matthew was looking” on twitter.

Dan Stevens talked about his decision to leave “Downton” as his own decision,

“a very difficult one too, but it felt like the right thing to do. It was good to trust my instincts and go with it.”

A reason he revealed previously for his left was because “obsession with Twitter landed in trouble with the show’s bosses”