January 20, 2021

Extreme Slim Celebrity Workouts!! Celebrities looking too Skinny!!! (PHOTOS)

When celebrities take the workout to the limit, they began too look too thin too ignore, recent pictures of celebrities like Jennifer Connelly and Sarah Harding proved that how these beautiful celebrities took their bodies to extreme exercise routines.

extreme celebrity slimdowns workouts

We can understand when celebrities have to submitted their bodies to extreme workout routines and dieting in order too loose weight for a movie role (Wolf on Wall Street) like the recent case in Matthew McConaughey, Don’t worry girls Matthew will regain his muscles in no time.

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And then we have Jennifer Connelly and  Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding both of them are looking way too thin for people’s taste and many began too wonder in they extreme slim-down are the results of over working-out.

Jennifer Connelly extreme slim down photosJennifer Connelly extreme slim down picJennifer Connelly extreme slim down picsJennifer Connelly extreme slim down picture

41-year-old Jennifer Connelly was recently seen jogging in tight leggings, but her thin legs were the call out to photographers and critics, some think Jennifer weight could be no more than a 100 lbs., and considering  her height is 6.7 and using our BMI calculator Jennifer’s Body mass is 11.86 which is extremely underweight, a person’s BMI of 18.5 or less is consider underweight. Have you check yours?

Jennifer Connelly extreme slim down picturesJennifer Connelly extreme slim down photo

Now we have Sarah Harding some think Sarah’s yoga and gym workout got rid of Hardin’s sexy curves and is looking way too slim. Sarah is 5.7 her weight seems to be around 115 lbs. her BMI is 18.1 meaning underweight. What do you think?

Sarah Harding too skinny photoSarah Harding too skinny photosSarah Harding too skinny picSarah Harding too skinny picsSarah Harding too skinny pictureSarah Harding extreme slim down photoSarah Harding extreme slim down photos

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with a BMI of 18.1. All that means is she’s hot. A mans BMI should be 20 to 25. Clearly a womans should be less otherwise a 6 foot woman would weigh the same as a 6 foot man which is ridiculous. Womens BMI should be between 18.5 and 24. At 18.1, she’s so close it doesn’t matter. Anyway, who’d date anyone who was flabby? Not me. My wife’s 57, has a BMI of 18.4 and most people think she’s about 35 years old. Everyone says she’s gorgeous, so I’m not desperate enough to take a flabber.

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