January 17, 2021

John Goodman Weight Loss Tips

Having lost more than 100 pounds since August 2009, John Goodman is much healthier and delighted. Goodman whose height is 6’3” and had more than 368 pounds greatly attributes his drastic weight loss to exercise and sugar-free diet. Find John Goodman weight loss before and after photos below!John Goodman Weight Loss Tips before and after

It was the doctors who told him to lose weight or succumb back in the year 2005. Without heeding to the advice, Goodman experienced no changes and was spotted smoking a cigarette and in 2007 he was a few pounds less than 400.Similar to Hudson, John had a weakness in food and he agrees that even when still a kid, he was passionate about food. He also said that it is his addictive personality that turned him into an alcoholic.

John Goodman Weight Loss Tips before and after 2

Regular workout

Apart from working out six days a week, Goodman who stopped drinking and smoking in 2007 partnered with Mackie Shilstone, a health coach and former trainer of Serena Williams the tennis champ.

On daily basis, he would undertake two sessions, 40 minutes each of cardio such as recumbent bike and elliptical. His strength training was mixed with resistance bands. The main aim of the cardio was to get the rate at which his heart would burn the largest amount of fat which was 106 to 116 and stagnating there for the longest time possible.

He worked a couple days a week in addition to boxing. For boxing, Axel Murillo was whom he trained with and they did almost 12 rounds. They would spend two minutes and fifteen seconds of throwing punches and rest for a minute which was a round. Doing that on a routine basis of two times a week played a great role in helping him with turning, twisting and throwing which saw his heart rate to 140.

Healthy diet

Making himself smoothies with protein powder, wheat powder and fruits is what he enjoys doing after a workout. Being lactose intolerant, he consumes sour milk and yoghurt. Lean protein and fresh vegetables are also part of what he takes. Sugar has not been part of his diet since suffering from diabetes and he says that he is not going nuts despite breaking a sweet.

Three lessons can be learnt from John. First, your weight or weight loss goals should not include alcohol or food addiction. Second, even with arthritis, there are ways of exercising and keeping fit. Finally, a healthy weight is as a result of healthy living.