January 26, 2021

Jonathon Walters 200 Pounds Weight Loss in 9 Months Without Surgery, Top 5 Tips! (Before and After Photos)

Jonathon Walters, this 6’3″ man successfully lost 200 pounds from 477 pounds in just 9 months without surgery. Just see his amazing weight loss transformation photos below! Before his weight loss, he suffered from many kind of diseases. Here are some of the facts before his transformation.Jonathon Walters 200 Pounds Weight Loss Without Surgery, Top 5 Tips (Before and After Photos) 3

  • Wore size 50 pants in high school
  • Weighed 477 pounds
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Severe fatty liver.
  • Barely walk without getting winded
  • Pain in the legs and feet every time after walking
  • Being stared at in grocery stores
  • Regular visit to fast food restaurants

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Jonathon Walters weight loss motivation:

Jonathon Walters’ weight loss motivation came from his dad who passed away from heart attack on May 6, 2013.

“My world had collapsed,” – Jonathon Walters

He began to eat more foods to numb himself, but after some time he remembred what his father taught him and realized he needed to change this His father told him not to quit.

“John, quitting is unlike anything else in life. It is only hard the first time you do it. After that it is habit and almost impossible to break.”

“I was done quitting everything I started. I was going to not only lose the weight, I was going to obliterate it. I was going to stop giving up. I quit quitting.” – Jonathon Walters

Jonathon Walters 200 Pounds Weight Loss Without Surgery, Top 5 Tips (Before and After Photos)

Jonathon Walters’ weight loss journey

Jonathon Walters’ weight loss is a long journey. Because of his extreme weight loss he suffered much more than the others. If there’s only one secret for his weight loss, that is he never give up. The following are his weight loss tips that you can find these tips not that special.

1. See a doctor for advice

2. Start to do exercising the next day from walking a quarter mile, rest for minutes. Gradually he managed to walk for longer distances. Now he can walk up to 3 miles per day. Walking helped him lose 50 pounds.

“I could barely walk without getting winded. After every time I went walking, I could feel pain in my legs and feet. It hurt so bad to keep going, but I knew it was temporary and giving up was permanent.”

4. Running, lifts weights and regular workout in a gym. He started running a few months later and now he can run up to 10 miles per day. Besides running, he also does regular workout in a gym.

5. Healthy diet

Now he eats healthy diet that include foods lowe in carbohydrate; foods rich in fiber such as vegetables and fruits; foods with good protein and cut out of fried foods and soda.

Following these tips consistantly, Jonathon Walter managed to lose 200 weight and now his weight is just 270 pounds. His aim is to lose the extra 30 to 40 pounds. He not just benefits himself, his story also benefits his family members that his sisters now become very healthy.

“It isn’t about me anymore. My mission is to bring motivation to the masses and show them it doesn’t take any surgeries, pills or other products,” Walters said. “I have three boys and a wife that count on me daily. … Imagining my sons and wife without me, makes every ounce of effort I put in worth it.”

Just remember, never give up!