February 26, 2021

McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson 20 Pounds Weight Loss Through Workout

McDonald’s Chief Don Thompson lost about 20 pounds since taking over as CEO in July, according to chicagotribune and he shared his weight loss experience with foodies that are fond of big burgers. His experiences are as follows.

 McDonald's CEO Lost 20 Pounds Through Workout and Shared His Weight Loss Experience

  • Tip 1 Eat at McDonald’s “every day, every single day.”

He often has a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder or Chicken McWraps for lunch or dinner – Company representative

  • Tip 2 Don’t limit yourself to to smoothies and salads.

In fact, according to him, you don’t need to limit yourself to anything. Just eating McDonald’s would be ok. 

  • Tip 3 Doing exercises

“I got my butt up and started working out again,” Thompson told the analysts.

The result? Then he lost about 20 pounds  since his taking over.

Back in 2004 a documentary called “Super Size Me,” made by the filmmaker Morgan Spurlock did an experiment, eating only McDonald’s resulted in weight gain of 25 pounds and high cholesterol level, Just in ONE MONTH.