October 22, 2020

Megan Fox Top 3 Weight Loss Tips, Paleo diet, Workout Secrets (Before and After Photos)

Check about Megan Fox’s weight loss before and after photos just 5 months after giving birth to her son Bodhi. Bodhi is Megan’s second son and she gave birth to her first son in 2012. On March 22 she showed off her slender body and you can hardly see that she is the mother of 2 boys! In fact, Megan Fox has her secrets to lose weight quickly after baby born. Do you want to know her top weight loss secrets? Read below!Megan Fox Top 3 Weight Loss, Paleo diet, Workout Secrets (Before and After Photos)

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Dairy free 

It’s reported that Megan Fox’s diet secret is Paleo diet but it’s not totally true. In fact she has revealed that her biggest secret is “dairy free”. Maybe you think that dairy foods are necessary during the breastfeeding period, you are wrong because there’re many alternatives to dairy foods and keep you from gaining too much weight.

“I’m not eating dairy, that’s my biggest secret,” “It’s really hard on your hormones and it’s not good. If you want to gain weight, eat dairy. If you don’t, don’t eat it.”

Low-carb Paleo diet

Low carb paleo diet has been followed by many celebrities now you can count Megan in. Although doctors have different opinions on Paleo diet, so many celebrities’ own stories proved that Paleo diet is really one of the most effective diets to help you shed extra pounds!

Featured with high quality animal proteins, veges, fruits and healthy fats. Low carb Paleo diet also requires you not take foods high in sugar, gluten, starches, alcohol, legumes. And you can’t eat processed foods.

Maybe you think that Megan Fox had difficult time eating low diet paleo diet all day long. Then you are wrong! In fact they are enjoying themselves with healthy foods very much! According to their friend and trainer Pasternak,

“Megan and Brian eat really well,” “They both cook and love using their blender. Megan’s favorite is the red smoothie, which is whatever berries are in season, Chai tea, a scoop of protein powder and little bit of almond milk.”

Megan’s workouts during pregnancy

Megan Fox worked out during pregnancy following the plans made by her personal trainer Harley Pasternak (People magazine). The pregnancy workout helped her lose weight quickly after giving birth. The workout plan includes strength training cardio training and stretching training.

“We worked out throughout her entire pregnancy,” “She was a model of health through the whole process.”

“Megan really educated herself big-time and had a great relationship with her physician so she really understood the safe boundaries of how to exercise and eat well during pregnancy,”