February 26, 2021

Rob Kardashian 70-pound Weight Loss Secrets (Before and After Photos)

Rob Kardashian lost more than 70 pounds during the past 3 years. Rob Kardashian showed off his successful weight loss photos in his recent photos on his twitter. It’s not easy for Rob Kardashian 5-foot-10, who once weighted 260 pounds to constantly lost so much weight. In this article we will talk about his weight gain risks he has faced and his weight loss secrets!Rob Kardashian 70-pound Weight Loss Before and After Photos

Rob Kardashian weight loss before and after photos

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Weight gain risks for Rob Kardashian

Rob’s weight gain has been one of the biggest concerns in “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” during the past 3 years. His 3 sisters and his other all expressed concerns for his weight gain in the past because the serious risks linked with it.

1.  Autistic and depressed

Overweight has made Rob Kardashian autistic and in depression.

2. Hair loss

Rob revealed overweight also caused his hair loss and he has to take hair growth supplements every day to prevent his hair from further losing.

“I take Viviscal every single day,” 

3. Metabolic disorders

His sister once also revealed that Rob’s serotonin levels were significantely lower than the normal level.

4. Diabetes and kidney failure

Rob’s blood test shows great danger that he might develop diabetes and kidney failure. Kris Jenner told his the bad news as,

“Your liver is shutting down,” “This is life-threatening at this point. You can only sustain this level of being unhealthy for so long.”

5. Esophageal cancer risk

Although no researches have found the direct relationship with esophageal cancer and overweight but it has been proved that overweight and eating too much junky foods would increase the risk of esophageal cancer. Another truth Rob has to face is his father was the esophageal cancer sufferer and finally diet from it.

It’s a shock to me. I have numbers that are freaking my whole family out. My dad passed away super-early, so my sisters could never handle that again. That’s what everybody is super-concerned about.” – Rob

Rob Kardashian weight loss plan

Lukily, Rob soon positively struggled with his weight gan problem with the help of his mother and sisters.

1. Diet and workout plan

To help Rob get rid of his bad eating habbit and lack of workout. She helped him hire a personal trainer and nutritonist to make a detailed diet and workout plan for him.

 “It’s time for me to help Rob out, gain a little control, and get him a nutritionist and some help so he can get his health back together,” – Jenner.

2. Weight-loss surgery

Rob even had stomach-stapling procedure done which is a kind of weight loss surgery to help him eat less and still feel full. He was reported to take the surgery before Kim’s wedding.

3. Low-carb Atkins Diet

Although it’s unknown if Rob Kardashian ever changed his diet. Because his sisters and his mother all followed low-carb atkins diet for weight loss and maintain slim. It’s quite possible that Rob also influenced by his sisters and followed such low-carb ketogenic diet.