January 17, 2021

Roseanne Barr Weight Loss Before and After Photos: The Real Reason Roseanne Barr Lost 14st!

Roseanne Barr recently shocked most people for her shocking weight loss when she attended the NBC Universal Summer Press Day in Pasadena, Calif.! Just check Roseanne Barr’s weight loss before and after photos below. This comedienne, once weighted in 26st, now became just half of her former self and now just weighted in about 12st!Roseanne Barr Weight Loss Before and After Photos The Real Reason Roseanne Barr Lost 14st 2

In fact Roseanne Barr managed to get this slim shape back in 2007! And now 7 years later she kept well of the shape and even gradually lose more weight!

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The real reason for Roseanne Barr’s weight loss

Roseanne Barr struggled with her weight from 1988 to 1997. So how she lost so much weight suddently? When asking Roseanna Barr about her weight loss secret, she joked to US weekly,Roseanne Barr Weight Loss Before and After Photos The Real Reason Roseanne Barr Lost 14st!

“Crack!! I’m doing crack,” “I’m just doing the things you’re supposed to do…you know, moving more, and eating less.”

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Of course this is not the real reason for her slimming down.

In fact back in 1998 she went through many plastic surgery including boob reduction surgery, tummy tuck and the most important decision is a gastric bypass surgery! The gastric bypass surgery that stapled Roseanne Barr’s one section of the stomach and built a small pouch. The surgery enabled her to eat much less and feel full very soon. The surgery also decreased the absorption area so as to absorbing much less calories.

Although this is a very big surgery for her, Roseaanne was reported getting out of hospital just 3 days after.

Note that not every one can go through such surgery because this is a surgery linked with many side effects risks including spleen injuries, infection and internal bleeding. According to Dr Davis working at Healthier Weight Centre ‘Obesity surgery is a last resort and, although a powerful tool in keeping obesity under control, it’s by no means a cure,’ ‘Success is dependent on diet and exercise to manage long-term weight loss.’

In an interview in 2007, when talked about her weight loss secret, she said, “I had my entire digestive system removed, so I should look thinner,”

When talking about plastic surgery, she once said, “nips and tucks are OK if people feel they want to do that.” She also revealed that those “nips and tucks” come from being insecure about yourself. “It comes from feeling insecure though … it’s like a walking ad for “insecure.”

Anyhow, Roseanne Barr’s weight loss received encouragement from her fans and she tweeted,


Last month, Roseanne Barr’s ex-husband Tom Arnold just lost 100-pound. So inspiring news!