February 26, 2021

Stephenie Meyer Weight Loss Secret! (Before and After Photos)

Stephenie Meyer might give you some inspiration if you don’t want to starve yourself losing weight. Stephenie Meyer, 39 years old, wearing a Kate Spade figure-flattering striped dress on red carpet at Manhattan’s Tribeca Grand Hotel, looks much slimmer than before! She recently revealed her secret to People magazine of successfully losing weight thanks to her cardio routine switch up.

Stephenie Meyer weight loss before and after 2

Stephenie Meyer confessed the losing weight journey very hard but at the same time she loves it. She beginning doing exercises last year.

“I used to be more an elliptical-and-weights girl but I’ve started running in the last year and I hate it and love it at the same time”

For a mother of three, so busy at work, still need to take care of the kids, Stephenie Meyer has to conquer every difficulties.

“This tour has been awful for my diet. Really, really bad! I have to get home and get back to my gym.”

Melissa Rosenberg, “Twilight” screenwriter talked about reasons of Stephenie Meyer’s weight loss,

 A strict diet and regular exercise was responsible for Meyer’s stunning makeover.

Stephenie Meyer Weight Loss before and after photo

Stephenie Meyer weight loss before and after 3

Here is the time-line of Stephenie Meyer’s weight loss changes

meyer-weight loss timeline

Family support is another key factors for her weight loss.

 “My sister is a big runner and she’s so excited [I’ve started running]. She wants me to run races with her now.”

Now Stephenie Meyerwith happied live with her husband Christian in Arizona house. When talking about The Host, Stephenie Meyer was very proud of it. Her weight loss seems to have brought whole new life for her!

“It’s this whole different place and a different kind of thought, It’s a lot more serious. It’s a lot more of a broader spectrum of emotion. It’s my favorite of my novels so I’m kind of prejudice towards it.”

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