August 4, 2020

Super Bowl Champ Jeff Saturday Weight Loss Before and After Photos


Jeff Saturday, the  6-foot-2 six-time Super Bowl Champ has dramaticly lose weight for about 50 to 70 pounds since her playing days.  He was spotted much slimmer than before at the Colts’ first preseason game of the year.

Here’s our own Kristin Craft with Jeff Saturday from this weekend’s Colts game. – TheFanFortWayne The FAN 106.7 & 138019h on twitter

Many twitter photos see his amazing changes, so slim, no belly fat.

Very slim Jeff Saturday @colts game. @indystar – MattKryger Matt Kryger11 Aug


Photos: twitter

There’s no report on how Jeff Saturday lost weight, maybe through a clean diet and more healthier life!