January 20, 2021

‘Teen Mom 2’ Chelsea Houska Weight Loss, Diet and Workout Tips!

Find ‘Teen Mom 2’ Chelsea Houska’s amazing weight loss before and after photos below. The 22-year-old Chelsea Houska amazed her fans with her svelte new shape in a photo she shared on her instagram recently. Houska seems to have totally committed herself in shedding of weight in the year 2013.Although the main motivation that made her make a health kick is the break up in her relationship with Adam Lind. In the instagram picture, Chelsea wore a pair of animal print bottoms and a black bikini top.'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska Weight Loss, Diet and Workout Tips before and after

‘Teen Mom 2’ Chelsea Houska Weight Loss before and after

She recently gave her secret work out and diet to radaronline.

Chelsea Houska’s diet

As for her diet, Chelsea’s menu consists of a wholesome cuisine and regular juices. The reality star makes nutritious diet meals for herself and Aubree. The diet consists of veggie juice every morning. Aubree really loves broccoli. Her efforts and devotion to lose weight has really paid off. Another snap that Chelsea shared on Sunday shows the star lounging and relaxing in a pool on a floatation device showing full display of her toned leg. Chelsea updated on the photo ‘Yees, Sunday funday at my casa. She seemed happy.

Chelsea Houska’s Workout

Chelsea is also committed to the gym now regularly on top of her new diet. The gym seems to have really paid off. Chelsea can credit her new look and physique to her gym regular work out which she does on a daily basis. Houska works out at the gym about 4 to 5 times a week according to a reliable source who shared with the website. According to the source, the specifics of her work out are cardio, weight lifting and kick boxing.