January 16, 2021

The Game Weight Loss: Impressive SlimDown Secrets!!

Rapper The Game is showing his new lean body, tight abs and he is not keeping his workout routine and healthy diet a secret, that’s right Check out the Game’s workout routine, diet plan and most importantly check the before and after photos

rapper the game weightloss

If you are a bit worried about the extra pounds you’ve gained over the holydays, you are not alone, The Game was in your same position just a few months ago, but he is not there anymore.

rapper the game before and after weightlossthe game 60 days of fitness pic

His goal was to get the boy he always wanted and get it in an easy, fun way before Valentine’s Day using his own 60-day fitness regimen, he is half way there and already the results are impressive!!

rapper the game slimdownrapper the game weightloss

31-year-old rapper The Game stands at 6’4” and he has replaced the body fat into sexy muscles..

“I have lost no weight….Replaced body fat with muscle. Simple,’

Day 30 check in: all my goals were accomplished in the 1st 30 days of my @60daysoffitness with @bwsbyrd .

The goal was to dramatically change my eating habits to a clean diet without error as well as shed the body fat wit massive cardio/ab workouts… Running, hiking, cycling etc…..

I’m happy I was able to stay focused & maintain my motivation which was fueled by you guys, so thanks !!!

The next 30 days will be to build muscle in ALL areas so at the 60 day mark which is right in time for Valentine’s Day…

I will have the body that I’ve always wanted. I appreciate the support & continuous love from my fans & those who’ve joined the @60daysoffitness team.

Stay focused, I’m with you. & to all my niggas out there (no homo) on the pic…. Just progress my niggas ha ha ha…. Love

The Game’s weightloss with the 60 days of fitness consists  in 70% of eating right and 30% training, the training has been especially design by Personal trainer  andto show results in 60 day, cardio, weights, running, which is what The Game shared on Instagram, he went for a run at Runyon Canyon but not before stretching and always drinking lots of water!! oh. try not to pay attention with the guy flipping the bird in the last pic working out with the Game!!

rapper the game workoutthe game 60 days of fitnessthe game 60 days of fitness workout picThe Game workoutthe game 60 days of fitness workoutthe game 60 days of fitness workout pics

As for the diet, I think you will be surprise, black beans, fish, chicken, Spinach, salmon rolls, corn, shrimp, brown rice, avocado, and even mango snacks Yum, yum!!


Rapper The Game 60 days of Fitness diet planRapper The Game 60 days of Fitness dietsthe game 60 days fitnessRapper The Game dietsRapper The Game 60 days of Fitness diet

Remember everybody’s body and metabolism is different, while The Game didn’t loose a pound there are other cases that did shed 10 to 15 pounds during the 60 days of Fitness regime.

60 days of fitness wiki

You can get the 60 Days Of Fitness regime here and Amazon offers more alternatives of  different 60 days fitness regimes, like Insanity, Zumba, the 10/60 Diet, Rip 60, 60 Day SlimDown with Lindsay Brin & Moms Into Fitness and so much more, click the Amazon logo on the upper right corner of the page and type 60 days fitness.

Some readers told us their problem areas are their abs, we found these two awesome abs works out videos for men and women that we think you’ll find pretty great!!