August 4, 2020

Top 3 Kim Kardashian 56 Pounds Weight Loss Tips (before and after photos)


Kim Kardashian successfully lost 56 pounds after giving birth to North West just half a year ago! She recently shared her post weight loss photo in her instagram, with tight corset on, showing her tiny waist and signature hourglass figure. Check Kim Kardashian’s weight loss before and after photos below!

Kim Kardashian’s weight loss tips are as following,

1. Healthy low-calorie diet.

Kim follows a healthy low calorie diet that helps her lose weight. This is a low carb, high-fat ketogenic Atkins diet. The carb intake is as low as 60 grams.

2. Regular Workout that include the following,

(1) strength-training

(2) squats training

(3) cardio exercise that includes treadmill training and elliptical training.

3. Waist training

To get the tiny waist as before pregnancy, Kim Kardashian adopted “waist training”, also called “corset diet”. This is a weight loss trend for women who want to get slim waist. Such wasit traing claims to help women get 6 inches down from their waists.

To get waist training, Kim wore a tight corset for long time, just as what she did in the photo, to make her waist smaller.

It seems it’s quite effective for Kim by comparing her before and after photos. But Some doctors are not so optimistic about such training and they warn that there’re risks link with waist training such as rib pain, digestion problems, lung diseases and constipation.