January 20, 2021

Top 5 Brian Flemming 400 Pounds Weight Loss Secrets! (Before and After Photos)

Brian Flemming, this 6 foot 2 guy, once weighted as much as 625 lbs, now successfully lost 400 pounds within 20 months. What’s his weight loss secrets? He attributed his weight loss to random ‘Draw Something’ match. But I don’t think so. Now before we look deeper into his weight loss secrets. Let’s find out why he gained so much weight.Top 4 Brian Flemming 400 Pounds Weight Loss Secrets! (Before and After Photos)

Brian Flemming’s weight loss before and after photos

Brian Flemming’s weight gain

The main reasons for his morbidly overweight are his alcoholic abuse and eating too much junk foods. He not only suffered overweight problem, but also had pre-diabetic and cellulitis infection.

Weight loss motivation

Brian Flemming’s movation came from his friend Jackie Eastham in 2012 when they met at a random match on Draw Something.Top 4 Brian Flemming 400 Pounds Weight Loss Secrets! (Before and After Photos) 2

Jackie Eastham and Jackie Eastham

“She said there were people struggling for their lives and then there’s you — you have all these opportunities and you’re throwing it all away,” “I just thought bloody hell, you’re a guy who’s 30 … and you’re wasting your life,” “My future is a lot gloomier. I’m trying to make the brightest future I can, and … you’re dragging yourself down.”

What she said waked the alert of Brian Flemming and inspired him to give up drinking all at once.

Brian Flemming’s weight loss secrets

To sum up, Brian Flemming’s top 5 weight loss secrets are as following,

1. Stop drinking cold turkey.

He stopped drinking from October 13, 2012

Results: It helped him lose about 100 pounds’ weight in a couple of months and his waist size dropped from size 60 to a size 38 within 20 months.

Withdrawal symptoms: Of course Brian suffered serious drinking withdrawal symptoms at first such as cold sweats, shaky hands and insomnia. His methods to conquer these symptoms are keeping himself busy and chatting daily with Eastham.

2. Healthy eating and count calories with online app

(1) stop eating fast foods with high calories

He used to eat 7,000 calories a day. After he determined to lose weight, he stopped eating junk foods and eat suger-free diet. He also cut out red meat.

(2) control calories

He controls calories. Here are the typical daily recipes for him

For Breakfast:

  • Turkey breast (low or no-sodium)
  • a serving of dry cereal
  • a bowl of non-fat Greek yogurt with artificial sweetener
  • a glass of low-sodium vegetable juice.

Lunch and dinner:

  • chicken
  • vegetables
  • rice

(3) Indulge a little at every Friday night

He always has a scoop of ice cream every Friday night to treat him. It makes easier for him to stick to him diet plan long enough.

3. Share successful stories and get motivation from his friend

Brian kept sharing his success with Jackie Eastham and she in turn motivated him to keep on going.

“She was a huge motivation. She’d try to push me to walk a little further each time,” – Brian Flemming

4. Adding in physical activity was a gradual process.

(1) Walking

Unlike many people who made strict workout plan at the beginning of the weight loss journey. Brian is more realistic and willing to do workout gradually. He began walking in his parents’ basement for just 5 minutes a day in the morning. It made him feel comfortable and he gradually added minutes in the following months.

(2) Half-marathon

Brian even walked his half-marathon in July 2013.

(3) Cycling and running

He then began to do cycling and running and even finished 5 Kilo run for the third time.

4. Make everything accountable

  • He uses a calorie app to track his calories in diet.
  • He uses a running and calorie tracker apps to stay accountable of his workout.
  • Of course, he used the app to find his best weight loss motivation – Jackie Eastham