January 23, 2021

Christian Bottger Little Fear- Tampa Bay Buccaneers Youngest Cheerleader

Christian Bottger, is the kid who was the sensation among the fans and the cheerleader’s team from Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Christian Bottger pic

10-year-old Christian  shadowed the team’s dancing mascot when dancing  “Gangnam Style.”

People turned on when Bottger danced the steps of “Teach Me How to Dougie.”

Now the team not only has “Captain Fear,” as the mascot, but they have their own  “Little Fear,” who turns out to be Bottger.

Christian danced during the halftime show.

Bottger is not only the new sensation among Football Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Philadelphia Eagles who played against them but the whole nation has gone wild!

Christian is from Largo, Florida. He actually taught the cheerleader girls how to dance with style!

All the camera lenses focused on the kid.

He began the routine, fist bumping with Captain Fear. Then, when the music played, he joined the cheerleaders.  He made the girls stop as if he was the star of the show, which came out to be true! At the end, he posed stretching his arms as to request for the crowd’s claps. He then picked up his jacket and left the field. Quelle elegance!!!!

Afterwards, he was invited to go to NYC to perform the routine on Today show. It was his first time on a plane and he had the chance to meet singer Bruno Mars. When he received the news about going to the show as a guest, he couldn’t believe it, he said:

I thought my parents were joking. They were asking me if I used my phone in class and I was nervous that I was in trouble. Then they told me what it was really about and I was like, ‘Oh … my … God.’ And then we had to start packing.

Christian studies at Fuguitt Elementary School, his father Ed Bottger is the Buccaneer’s video production manager. You can find Christian Bottger on Facebook here and check his Little Fear Facebook page here!