January 23, 2021

Daniel Buckhannan- Surprised Father with Tickets to BCS National Championship

Daniel Buckhannan’s video on YouTube features his father Don Buckahannan opening his Christmas gift  a hat, but the meaningful gift was attached to the hat. Tickets to BCS National Championships!! the reaction of Daniel Buckhannan’s father is priceless and has become a viral video pretty much everywhere.

Daniel Buckhannan Don Buckhannan-picture

Daniel Buckhannan’s video posted on Youtube on December 23 has more than one million views already, what made so viral and especial some might ask? I can describe it but I think there are no words to describe the reaction on Daniel’s father‘s face when he saw that attacked to the hat he got for Christmas there also is a pair of tickets to the BCS National Championship Game between Alabama and Notre Dame.

Daniel Buckhannan Don Buckhannan pictureDaniel Buckhannan Don Buckhannan picsDaniel Buckhannan Don Buckhannan picturesDaniel Buckhannan Don Buckhannan-picDaniel Buckhannan Don Buckhannan-picsDaniel Buckhannan Don Buckhannan-pictureDaniel Buckhannan Don Buckhannan-pictures

Daniel Buckhannan Surprises Dan with tickets to BCS National championships Video

Daniel included the caption..

“Was blessed to be able to give my dad a ticket to the championship game.”

Daniel and his dad Don has been invited in several t.v shows like ESPN, their story has been published in hundred of websites and they keep coming!!

Daniel Buckhannan Don BuckhannanDaniel Buckhannan Don Buckhannan pic

33-year-old Daniel Bukhannan was born in February 13, 1970 in Alabama to 59-year-old Don Buckhannan (now retired from his job at Norfolk Southern Railway) and 57-year-old Kathy Buckhannan.

Daniel graduated in 1997 from Saks High School his mom’s high school, in 2003 graduated from Jacksonville State University with a BS in marketing.

From Nov. 2004 to July 2006 was a warehouse operations manager at B.R Williams Trucking, Inc. then in 2006 was a recruiter at Carroll Fulmer Logistics, the following year Daniel returned to Williams Trucking as a director of recruiting.

In 2009 he became a franchise owner and area developer at i9 Sports, in 2010 a driver development and recruiter at CRST Malone, since last April Mr. Buckhannan is a director of recruiting and recreation at Baggett Transportation.

Daniel is happily married to his beautiful wife Tatum Rose they live in Oxford, Alabama with their two gorgeous sons.

You can find Daniel Bukhannan on Facebook here, Google + here and check dad Don here.

Daniel BuckhannanDon BukhannanDaniel Buckhannan picDaniel Buckhannan