February 25, 2021

Skater Adam Miller’s Girlfriend is Theresa Fuller

adam miller picture-

The U.S Pro Skater Adam Miller is now know by the video that has by 1 million viewers over internet, where Miller appears jumping six steps down while doing his famous back flip.

Even Tony Hawk comment about Miller acrobats, and his said: Tony says, “I would love to try stuff like that, honestly, but I don’t have that body sense, and that gymnastics background at all.”

Miller is known by his acrobats in skateboard communities but his personal life is a mystery, the few things we know is by this own Facebook.

This social networks show that Miller has a relationship since October 2, 2011 with a girl named Theresa Fuller.

Is not much the information about Fuller, but we know that Theresa studied in Washington high School in Cedar Rapids  in Iowa.

You can follow Theresa Fuller on Facebook.