January 25, 2021

4 Home Remedies to stop Underarm Sweating!

Sweating is good but excessive sweating! Not so much, especially underarm perspiration can be annoying and can cause embarrassing moments.


If this is your case there are some useful tips you can try to fight excessive underarm sweating clinically known as hyperhidrosis and let me know how it goes!


It is always a good idea to shave your armpits before you go for a shower. Make sure that you use gentle strokes while doing so. There are special razors available for shaving body hair and are available almost everywhere. Once you shave your armpits, take a shower with warm water and then splash your armpits with cold water. Doing this will close the skin pores. Dry yourself properly and then apply some baking powder on your armpits. This will soak significant amount of sweat and avoid excessive underarm sweating.


Diet is always important for everything your body does. Even in case of underarm sweating, diet can play a crucial role. Evaluate your dietary routine and see if you are consuming enough fiber. If not, you need to incorporate some fibrous foods to your diet. Dietary fibers can actually help in controlling excessive perspiration. Grains, wheat, and green vegetables are some of the most important sources of fiber. Also, if you are living on processed food, you need to control it. Processed food not only adds bad cholesterol known for causing heart problems but also causes the problem of excessive sweating.


Apply lemon juice to your armpits. This will remove foul odor caused by perspiration and will also help to control the level of sweating. Apple vinegar is another good option. Use a cotton ball to apply it to your armpits at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. Wait for 20 to 25 minutes and then rinse off the vinegar using cold water. Try to incorporate it to your daily routine.


Smash a few tomatoes to extract the juice. This juice contains high levels of anti-oxidants. This can be applied directly to your armpits but it is a better idea to drink it. Sage tea is a well-known remedy for excessive sweating conditions. Drink 2 cups of sage tea every day continuously for a week. You can see quick results in form of controlled sweating. You can continue drinking this tea throughout because; it is a great source of various vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy living.