February 28, 2021


There has been a lot of debate about the dangers or second hand marijuana smoke. There is concern that this second hand smoke can cause people to experience what is known as a contact high. There is also concern that the smoke will cause an individual to develop cancer or other illness due to the smoke.


Second hand marijuana smoke is also under evaluation as to how it interacts with the walls and furniture in comparison to cigarette smoke. These different studies regarding the second hand weed smoke is becoming more common and more important as more states begin to consider the use of marijuana legal for those who do not have serious medical need for the drug.

Now this is what you really need to know!

We might want to ask our selves: I don’t do drugs, my boyfriend smokes marijuana and I’m always in another room but i can smell it, we have unprotected sex lots and i give monthly ua’s will i test positive for thc? Hmmm sounds too familiar perhaps?

Luckily for you we have the answer: The good news is that none of our home drug test kits (hair, urine, or saliva) will pick up exposure to second hand marijuana smoke as a positive result. The lungs do not filter THC out of smoke; they absorb it in small amounts. Smoke inhaled secondarily must infiltrate the lungs in heavy concentrations in order to produce clinically positive tests. Smoke exhaled by one person and inhaled by another or smoke that floats in a space may not contain the original high concentrations of THC; hence a small-to-zero likelihood that drug tests could read positive. Also, most immunoassay drug tests, including standard EMIT, ELISA and RIA tests, are set at high thresholds intentionally to avoid false-positive results due to incidental ingestions of second-hand smoke. So, unless a urine sample is taken right at the time a large amount of THC is inhaled, a drug test should remain negative.

So, now you know!