January 28, 2021

FatGirlShrink- Electric Stimulant is the New Weight Loss Trend?

Would you consider  loosing water weight by electrocuting yourself? Well perhaps electrocuting is a bit exaggerated but check out FatGirlShrink the new weight loss system that promises to help you loose weight and inches in seconds.

FatGirlShrink the new weight loss treatment that uses electricity jolts and detoxing solutions made out of seaweeds to help you  not only to get rid of those unwanted pounds but also you will be slimming, firming, smoothing within minutes.


How? Well Fat Girl Shrink weight loss system, basically kicks water weight out of you with the seaweed mixture and the electric stimulation and is suitable for  both men and women.

‘Seaweed helps to detoxify and re-mineralize your skin while the clay conducts the current’.

On the ladies fatGirlShrink focuses on their  abdomen, tights, and buttocks and in the gentleman is on their abdomen. Clients can loose up to 7 inches but the results are not permanent and clients may need several sessions.

fatgirlshrink treatment picfatgirlshrink treatment picture

And what about the prices and locations where you can get the treatment? So far is available in all Bliss Spas in New York and other spas in Florida, and it will cost you $180 for the 60 minute session.