January 16, 2021

Lack of calcium in women!

Females pay attention to your bones….


Women suffer from lack of calcium and majority of them run into the risk of contracting Osteoporosis. This is a disease where the bones gradually become thin and women become susceptible to hip fractures, spine curvature and fragile structure of bones. Hence, it is essential for women to bone up on calcium so that they can build up proper density of bone and attain a proper bone mass; this will prevent Osteoporosis at later stages of life.

What happens when our calcium level is low?

Women who suffer from lack of calcium in their body suffer from a number of medical conditions. Take a look at some of these conditions that women generally face:

· Hypocalcaemia: This is a medical condition in which the calcium levels in the blood fall. Because of calcium inadequacy in blood, women can face the problem of feet and hand spasms, tingling in feet, hands, face and tongue and muscle aches. In situations of Hypocalcaemia, bones release the stored calcium and this leads to Osteoporosis.

· Premenstrual Syndrome: PMS is associated with cramps, bloating and headache. In situations where women face PMS and also lack calcium in their body, the problems associated with PMS increases and menstrual periods can be extremely painful for them.

What should women eat to bone up on calcium?

It is always preferred to increase the calcium intake through diet.

A perfectly balanced diet with enough calcium ingredients is the best method to increase calcium content of the body to its optimal level. Consuming dairy products like:

· Milk

· Cheese

· Yogurt

· butter

However, some women prefer not to go for such food items to avoid increase in fat consumption. There are alternatives like:

· Oysters

· Kale

· Sardines

· broccoli

Among others, which can fulfill the calcium needs of the body? Some women prefer to take calcium supplements, which are available as “Over the Counter” medicines. It is always suggested to consult a doctor before taking such supplements.

Hope this was helpful information for you, bone and joint health is really important so star being more proactive about it! Bone up on calcium!