February 26, 2021

Matthew McConaughey Weight Loss and Muscle Building: Co-Q10 Supplement, Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

Matthew McConaughey’s trained revealed his weight loss and muscle building secrets for his role in the “Magic Mike”, besides intense workout, an important factor that helped Matthew McConaughey build muscles and lose weight is taking diet supplements such as  Co-Q10 supplement, multi-vitamins and minerals.

Supplement plans are as important as the diet plans or workout plans for these famous celebrities and Matthew McConaughey is just one of them. Most celebrities, in an effort for build muscles and lose fat would follow a strict supplement plan and here are the most popular supplements (Amazon top sellers!).

Matthew McConaughey Weight Loss and Muscle Building Co-Q10 Supplement, Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

Whey Protein

Why proteins are well known for its rich in high levels of all the essential amino acids for muscle building quickly.



Increase the metabolism and help the body reach its max potential.



Thermogenesis is effective for fat burning.


Energy drink

They stimulate and enhance your body because it contains contain caffeine and other nutrition.


Effective for fat burning.


Amino acid

If you don’t take amino acid, you would face a risk, your body possibly breaks down your muscle tissue to meet the increased demand of amino acid consumed during the exercise.