February 28, 2021

Natural Detox Diet: Take Broccoli Sprouts as Detox Foods High in Sulphoraphane

Take natural detox diet is necessary. Dr. Robert Roundtree recommended us to take detox foods High in Sulphoraphane for lifelong health in Miller School of Medicine.

Exposure to low levels of environmental toxins is widespread and increasing. Accepting that, detoxing must also be a lifelong practice. -Dr. Robert Roundtreebroccoli

He recommends to take foods that contain sulphoraphane

Detox foods with sulphoraphane

Add broccoli to your detox diet is beneficial because broccoli contains sulphoraphane and sulphoraphane is essential for liver to produce detoxifying enzymes that can decompose free-radicals that is the main reason of aging. The detox function can stay up to 4 days after taken foods with sulphoraphane.

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Other detox foods containing sulphoraphane: turnips, bok choy, kale, cabbage, radishes and  brussels sprouts.

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Broccoli sprouts are better than broccoli

Broccoli sprouts are better than simply take broccoli because Broccoli sprouts contain 10 – 100 times more of sulphoraphane than broccoli, and the detoxification function is far more efficient than broccoli. Another function is to treat gastritis associated with H. pylori bacteria. How to take broccoli sprouts? You can add to sandwich, omelet, salad or burger or your other detox diet.

Other detox diet

It’s also recommended to take other detox foods such as grapes, beets, berries, green tea and red wine. Professors recommend to take more than 5 glass of rich-color fruits and veges. If you can’t take that much, just try your best, or simply buy the detox supplements such as broccoli sprouts supplements.